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Office of the Dean

In my many years of teaching, research, and administration, I have found Westcliff University’s programs in TESOL to be rewarding on both professional and personal levels.

Professionally, I take great pride in the College of Education’s curriculum, which is comprehensive, challenging, and current. TESOL, in particular, is a discipline that combines academic scholarship with practical, hands-on learning and application. Our professors not only have graduate degrees but have also taught ESL in the United States and abroad. They share their experience with students, who learn so much more beyond the textbook.

Our online and hybrid programs embrace diversity and multiculturalism while recognizing the importance of helping others to become fluent in the English language. When you study TESOL in the College of Education, you enhance your understanding of both English and non-English-speaking cultures. In the MA TESOL program, you will examine languages and cultures from an analytical perspective, and will also observe the various modes of interpretation and expression in the field, while on class trips, and during your practicum, in the classroom.

On a personal level, I admire the dedication of our faculty to the learning process. The College of Education is fortunate to have professors who are passionate about bringing the most into their classrooms. When you, our student, become a part of Westcliff University, you become a part of an educational institution that is truly special.

Julie Ciancio

Julie Ciancio, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Education