Alex Monceaux, Ed.D.

Dr. Alex Monceaux

Assistant Professor


Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership, Lamar University, 2018

Master of Art, English and Modern Languages, Lamar University, 2011

Master of Education, Counseling and Human Development, Lamar University, 2010

Bachelor of Art, English and Modern Languages, Lamar University, 2006

Associate of Art, General Studies, 1997


Global Education
Organizational Leadership 

Literacy Instruction
ESOL Instruction

Composition & Rhetoric

Identity Development & Articulation 

Father/Son Relationships

Dr. Monceaux holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Global Education from Lamar University, a Master of Art in English and Modern Languages with concentrations in ESOL, Composition & Rhetoric, and Critical Theory, a Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development focusing on Community Mental Health and specializing in male identity formation. Additionally, Dr. Monceaux holds a Bachelor of Art, English and Modern Languages and an Associate of Art, General Studies. 

Prof. Monceaux has conducted research on father-son relationships, educational stress and learning, mentoring academic writing, rubric construction, and various areas of evaluation and assessment, and has authored multiple published papers in the areas of leadership, organizational governance, writing instruction, and assessment.

Prof. Monceaux has served as an adjunct and faculty member, Associate Director, and Program Director. Prof. Monceaux has taught classes in Literature, Composition & Rhetoric, and ESOL largely focusing on developing literacy skills and mentoring academic writing. Prof. Monceaux has also developed academic, professional, trade, intensive, and Bridge (for undergraduate and graduate-level students) English programs and curriculum for English language learners. Prof. Monceaux has also developed curriculums in Literature, Academic and Technical Writing at the undergraduate levels.