Darryl Baker, D.B.A.

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Associate Professor


D.B.A., Doctor of Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 2009
M.B.A., International Business, Baker College, 1999
B.B.L., Business Leadership, Baker College, 1996
A.A.S., Industrial Technology & Machinery, Mott C.C., 1987


Business Leadership
International Operations
Corporate Taxation 

Dr. Darryl Baker holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree, a Master of Business Administration degree, with a major in International Business, a Bachelor of Business Leadership, and an Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology and Machinery degree.

Dr. Darryl Baker has conducted postgraduate research while participating in a research project for improving adult student learning in the state of California. Dr. Baker has also, served the past three years on various national committees for the University of Phoenix, including the Faculty Advisory Council, Faculty Finance Steering Committee, and the Faculty Assessment Review Board. Dr. Baker has also served on various committees at the University of Phoenix California Campus, including the Faculty Scholarship Council and Academic Higher Learning Committee.

Dr. Baker has served as subject matter expert on the University of Phoenix Faculty Council to change, review, and approve curriculum in business courses that include: Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Statistics. Dr. Baker has also taught a variety of higher learning business and management courses at higher learning institutions located in the States of Michigan and California. Other courses taught include business law, stockbroker, insurance, and real-estate. Nonetheless, Dr. Darryl Baker has a diverse background in business.

Dr. Darryl Baker currently serves as the president of an international company, a national company, and a business consultant. Formerly, Dr. Baker was a successful stockbroker, owner of a stockbrokerage firm, owner of a financial planning services company, income tax services, and other business services companies. Dr. Darryl Baker held various positions for General Motors, a Fortune 500 Company. Moreover, Dr. Baker has held seats on a number of boards of both private and public entities.