Dominic Enriquez, M.B.A.

Image of Dominic Enriquez, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Director of Facilities and Expansion


M.B.A. Organizational Leadership Concentration, Westcliff University, Irvine, CA, 2019

B.S. Marketing Concentration, University of California, Riverside, 2014



Dominic Enriquez joined the Westcliff Family in 2014, Dominic’s innate drive and dedication are the catalysts that have propelled his trajectory within Westcliff University. 

He started as a Student Services Representative where he showed his drive and passion to help students excel in their personal and professional lives. This led to his eventual escalation to Director of Student Services. He worked hard to gain a full understanding of the university’s operations and day to day business which made him an excellent choice for the Director of Operations. Now he is the university’s Director of Strategic Initiatives overseeing the expansion of the Westcliff University brand. Dominic’s exceptional ability to interpret, adapt, and execute has uniquely positioned him in a variety of critical roles that covered a wide scope of work throughout the organization.