Interactive Presentations

Interactive Presentations

By: Professor Jennifer Hirashiki


Photo by Headway on Unsplash


How do you engage students in your classes?  Do you incorporate interesting slides and embed questions in your presentations? When we make teaching slides for class, Continue reading

Game-based Learning: Kahoot

Game-based Learning: Kahoot!

By: Christa Bixby


Kahoot is a free game-based learning platform that is sure to increase engagement, incite competition, and bring out some smiles! Many educators use this application to reinforce concepts or preview students’ previous knowledge Continue reading

Using Google Tools

Using Google Tools

By Professor Jennifer Hirashiki


Google Tools have so many great features for having students work together. The ability to have multiple people working on a shared doc can really be an asset to classes both on-ground Continue reading

Group-work: Collaboration in Action

Group-work: Collaboration in Action

By Prof. Evelin Suij-Ojeda


These times are perfect for trying new strategies and techniques in our online classes (VCS). That is why I have decided to share with you a few tips and tricks that Continue reading

How to Put Together a Teaching Portfolio while Enrolled in an Online or Onsite TESOL Program to Take to Job Interviews

By Sheila Corwin and Jennifer Hirashiki

A professional teaching portfolio can be an extremely useful tool. It is a valuable record of your learning and teaching experiences and represents your study (and/or work) in English language teaching. It can also Continue reading

A Conference Designed by Teachers for Teachers

By Professor Christa Bixby

I vividly remember sitting in a massive theatre hall with over 3,000 educators attending yet another conference, and as I was listening to a seemingly never ending welcome speech (the third of the morning), I Continue reading

Maximizing Every Second of the Lesson: Warming Up Adult ELLs

By Thomas Tischler

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

As both an administrator and an educator, there is nothing more that grinds my gears like observing a class that does not start on time because they are “… waiting Continue reading

The Importance of Corrective Feedback

By Sulaiman Jenkins (Professor – College of Education Westcliff University)

In order to achieve anything in life, we always measure ourselves and our performance against a certain standard. Success then is determined and measured by that standard and we are Continue reading

Flip your Classroom, Flip your Teaching Style

By Professor Evelin Suij-Ojeda

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher so I was always observing my instructors and would often ask them why they would use certain strategies (yes, I was THAT annoying kid!). One particular memory Continue reading

Five Activities You Can Do in Your Class Next Week That Require Little or No Preparation

By Professor Sean Dailey

How do you and your students feel on Monday morning? Sometimes it’s difficult to get students to wake up, let alone motivated to learn English at the beginning of the week. This short article describes five Continue reading