How to Behave in an Online Class | Online Etiquette

  • Make sure to download Zoom launcher
  • Find a quiet place with a reliable wifi connection
  • Keep your camera on
  • Dress appropriately
  • No eating while you are on camera and in class, as it may be distracting
  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking, as microphones can pick up background noise
  • Use the chat feature to message the entire class or private message the professor for individual questions.
  • Attend your online class on time.
  • Participate and be involved in virtual classroom activities and discussions. Please note that participation is different than attendance.
  • Please be mindful that online classes are recorded

***Contact Technology Department (techgroup@westcliff.edu) and Professor if the Zoom link provided is not working.****

How to Behave in Study Hall | Online Etiquette

  • Be logged in entire time
  • Level the camera with your face
  • Dress appropriately
  • No eating while you are on camera in study hall, as it may be distracting
  • Find a quiet place without distractions or loud background noises
  • Use appropriate lighting and professional background (i.e., no shadows, no
  • Mute yourself when not speaking, as microphones can pick up background noise
  • Use the chat if you need help, including 1-1 support with your assignments
  • If you are moved to a breakout room, you can click “ask for help” to request help
    from the host
  • You are still required to complete all of your designated study hall hours for the week.




Study Hall Schedule

TUESDAY1:00-2:30XC / T&F
THURSDAY1:00-2:30XC / T&F


Configurations after joining the meeting: Audio & Video

1. After successfully joining a meeting, a prompt like this one below will appear. Please join audio conference by computer.

2. After clicking on Test Computer Mic and Speakers, the following prompts will appear and the tests will begin. Please follow along, this step will be quite straight forward.

3. The ending prompt should prompt you that your audio is working, please click on Join with Computer Audio.

Second pathway to configure Audio & Video Configuration and Settings

  • By clicking on the carat symbol “^” next to mute and start video, a menu for audio/video configuration & settings will appear.


Audio Configuration/Settings

  • Click Test Speaker and Microphone or select the audio output you wish to use.

    For a more in depth/detailed view of your audio settings, please click Audio Settings. Here you can select and test your speaker and mic.

    Video Configuration/Settings

  • You can select the camera you wish to use here or for a more in depth/detailed view of the video settings, please click “Video Settings”

Miscellaneous Zoom Features

Once in the Zoom meeting there are a range of controls that can be used.

  • Click the microphone icon  in the bottom left hand corner of the Zoom meeting window to mute and unmute yourself.
  • The same can be done with video by clicking the video camera icon 
  • You can see other participants by selecting the participants icon 
  • You can chat with your class by selecting the chat icon 
  • The share icon  will allow you to share your screen or any documents or power points. (Students should only use this feature when instructed by the professor to do so.)
  • The record icon  (the meeting will already be automatically recorded).
  • Leave Meeting icon 
    • Students can click leave meeting when the class ends.
    • Professors, please click  button, however, always click (End Meeting for All)  if you are granted the host privilege.


Screen Share

  • Participants in the Zoom meeting will not be able to see anything from your computer desktop unless it is shared, sharing will broadcast it in the Zoom meeting.
  • To share your screen, class materials, or a YouTube video, click on the share screen icon 
  • A window should appear like the one below and it will show what you have
    opened on your desktop.
  • Please check the box [share computer sound] this will broadcast the audio you are playing on your computer into the Zoom meeting. Otherwise, if you sharing a YouTube video the students online in the Zoom meeting will not hear the audio.
  • After you make your selection, click on the share button.
  • Once you have shared something, the menu bar will minimize and will look like the image below:

  • To share something else you must click on New Share and it will ask you to make another selection to share.
  • To stop sharing completely, click Stop Share.