Executive STEM

Transform your career. Transform your company. Transform your industry.


The Westcliff University Executive STEM programs provide working and aspiring business executives the opportunity to advance their careers and evolve their organizations in an intensive yet convenient executive degree program design. Students develop and refine their understanding of advanced business and technology concepts by applying them to the needs of their current organizations and producing tangible solutions to existing challenges and opportunities.

Program Highlights

  • Multi-disciplinary Instruction
  • Industry Leaders as Guest Speakers
  • Innovative Project-based Learning
  • Real-world Application of Concepts
  • Case Study
  • Industry Mentorship

Executive Residency Sessions

  • Rigorous multi-day sessions at Westcliff’s main campus in beautiful Southern California
  • Intensive, Immersive, Workshop-style classes
  • Developed with flexibility and convenience for working professionals
  • Meals and refreshments provided
  • Recommendations for lodging and transportation available

Value of the Westcliff Executive STEM Programs

Contextualized Education | Student-driven application of concepts

Applied Active Learning | Collaborative and hands-on problem-solving

Practical Curriculum | Emphasis on practical application over theoretical contemplation

Relevant Instruction | Experienced professionals as faculty

Intentional Learning | Reflective and goal-oriented

STEM Focus | Integration of technology across the modern business landscape

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The Westcliff University Executive STEM MBA serves as a gateway for aspiring professionals to advance their careers and educational goals while maintaining focus on their current professional obligations. Students with relevant professional experience and a record of accomplishment and career progression can now fast track their advancement by addressing real-world organizational issues and infusing technological solutions into challenges their organizations are currently facing.


To download the program flyer, please click here

The Westcliff University Executive STEM DBA is a terminal degree for career executives and experienced entrepreneurs looking to complete their personal portfolios and transform their industries with technological innovations. Students with appropriate professional experience who have already earned a graduate degree have the opportunity to cap off their educational profile while also evolving their companies and their industries with forward-thinking changes designed to set trends and break molds.


Typical Semester Schedule

16 weeks

Executive Residency Course

Online Course

(8 weeks)

Integrated and Applied Practicum


Online Course | Weekly live online classes

Executive Residency Course | Onsite weekend residency at the Irvine campus

Integrated and Applied Practicum | Application of knowledge in real-world setting throughout the program