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Westcliff University
LITE Center

LITE Mission

The Westcliff University Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence (LITE) Center aims to educate, inspire, and empower faculty and students through the pursuit of Innovative Teaching Excellence.​

To curate a campus culture dedicated to professional growth, collaboration, and academic excellence, we strive to:

  • Collaborate with faculty, faculty senate committees, and program advisory councils to perpetually enhance the development of assessment, teaching, and curriculum​
  • Promote self-reflective teaching practices and emphasizing professional experience to enhance student learning and engagement​
  • Foster and highlight collaborative initiatives in the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Create a supportive network and availability of quality resources to enrich faculty experience and involvement
  • Encourage scholar practitioners in their pursuit of innovative research, professional involvement, and contributions to the advancement of academia
  • Utilize the experience and knowledge of faculty members to promote excellence through the collaborative sharing of best practices through engagement in a community of practice (CoP)
  • Provide professional development opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of instruction and wealth of knowledge on campus
  • Recognize and rewarding faculty for their innovative contributions to the teaching and learning environment of the overall community
  • ​Offer ongoing support and training on advances in technological systems and instructional approaches to support active learning environments
  • Bridge campus program resources with the needs of faculty and students

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