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LITE Center News – Spring 2019

LITE Center News

LITE Newsletter
Spring 2019 Issue

The Westcliff University Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence (LITE) Center aims to educate, inspire and empower faculty and students through the pursuit of innovative teaching excellence.


Webinar: First Saturday of the month 8 to 9.30 am PST
Recorded Sessions: Available 1st day of the month. 30 min recordings


Professor Highlight

Dr. Shirley Chuo
Dr. Shirley Chuo

Question: What is your name and what program do you usually teach in?
Answer: Dr. Shirley Chuo and I usually teach in the MBA Program.

Question: What course do you enjoy teaching most?
Answer:I enjoy teaching BUS 500 Leadership the most because it is the first course of the MBA program and I can help the students understand what are the business expectations in the United States and help them with their writing especially in APA format.

Question: List 5 adjectives that describe yourself as a professional / as a person.

  • Disciplined – I will always follow through with a task even if it is difficult and challenging. 
  • Reliable – I always show up for class 
  • Likes to have Fun in Class, Outgoing with my students
  • Caring and Sincere – I really enjoy people and developing sincere relationships
  • Professional – From many years of working experience, I always know what to say and how to handle situations.

Question: What are your hobbies?
Answer:My hobbies are skiing and hiking. I also like eating all different kinds of Asian food and having fun with my family at the beach or in the mountains.

Question: If you could give one piece of advice to a new professor at WU, what would it be and why?
Answer: Use as many stories and examples in teaching your lectures as possible. Our WestCliff students are incredible bright and intelligent. What they are looking for in real world life experience and how business is done in the USA.

Question: If I walked into your classroom / VCS on a typical session, what would I see going on?
Answer: You would see lots of interaction between students and lots of action going on.
My classes are active, I call on students, put them on the spot if they’ve done a great job on their paper; I ask them to share their thoughts and ideas.  Students are awake and engaged participants. You would see many smiling faces and particular at the end my classes, my classes are loud because students love talking with each other on the many ideas, thoughts and concepts that have been explored in classes.

Question: How do you connect your lessons to the “real world”?
Answer: I choose events that are happening in the week and incorporate them into my lectures.  We also talk about the latest products, and most effective marketing campaigns and why the leaders in those companies are so effective.

QuestionWhat do you think educators need to do to be part of the future of this profession?
Answer: They need to understand the mind of the millennials.  Educators need to be curious about this new generation and understand why they do the things that they do. In this way, they can motivate them to do their work and inspire them to exceed their own expectations.

Writing Center Updates

This year the Writing Center has been revamped to increase its efficiency in providing support to the Westcliff student body. The Writing Center has offered one-on-one feedback support to 401 students throughout 2018, which is 390 more than were offered last year. The center has also hosted numerous writing support workshops, article revision support for WIJAR, and has curated 72 online tutorials which serve to aid students in areas of struggle in the scope of academic writing.

The most recent tutorial series that was created is entitled, “Creating a PowerPoint” and is a four-part series which focuses on aspects of developing a quality presentation for success within Westcliff and in future career positions. For an idea of what this series consists of, please click below:

In addition to this series, students will have access to professional pre-made PowerPoint templates that include the Westcliff Logo. For a sneak peak, please see:

Please check back on the Writing Center page in GAP to see the newest tutorial additions that can be used to help your students with their individual needs.

If you have any tutorial requests or would like to contact me concerning one-on-one support with a particular student, feel free to send me an email at:

Call for WIJAR articles

The next call for articles will open in February! Now is a great time to get back to work on an article you put aside for the holidays!

Here are some videos (from the Writing Center) to get you on track!


The 3rd Annual Symposium for Business and Education Research (SyBER) will be held on May 23rd! More information to come!