Higher Ed Panel of Experts at Cerritos Chamber

President McKinney and panel of experts discuss how state of Higher Ed. will impact future workforce

On January 14, 2014, the Cerritos Chamber of Commerce hosted a “State of Higher Education” panel discussion at the Cerritos Library. The purpose of the panel was to facilitate discussion about how their schools are impacting the Cerritos business community. The objective was to discuss the nature of their graduating students, their goals towards the future, and their use of continuing education.

The panel bought awareness to the relationships the represented schools have with local businesses and how they are preparing their students for the workforce. The importance of building business community roles was emphasized along with utilizing those relationships to help prepare students for the workplace.

Dr. McKinney, University President of Westcliff University, spoke about: 1) why the graduation rates at Westcliff are significantly higher when compared to other schools; 2) the potential financial value of an MBA degree for working adults and the related cost effectiveness of degrees from Westcliff; 3) the challenges facing higher education; 4) how Westcliff is differentiated in the marketplace by the professional experience of its faculty, as well as their academic credentials; and 5) the links Westcliff develops with the local community businesses.

Dr. McKinney also discussed the differences between the teaching methodologies used today at Westcliff and those previously used by higher education institutions – about how Westcliff is focused on addressing a new paradigm which has evolved from globalization.

Higher Ed Panel of Experts at Cerritos Chamber

(Dr. David McKinney of Westcliff University, Dr. Linda Lacy of Cerritos College, Todd Leutheuser of Northwood University, Dean George Gliaudys of Irvine University,  and Dr. Jim Ghormley of University of Phoenix)