Peer Mentorship Program


Are you a new student who would like someone to give you useful tips on how to live in a new country or succeed at Westcliff University? Are you interested in becoming a mentor and sharing your well-earned knowledge with other students?


Moving to a new country can have its ups and downs. While it might be the start of a new chapter in your life, it is usually coupled with daunting challenges such as finding transportation, looking for housing, looking for a job, and the list goes on.
Sometimes the best advice and guidance comes from your peers.


That is why Westcliff University is launching the “Peer Mentorship Program” which is a student-run organization where students will be able to mentor one another and create a stronger bond among peers.


Through this program, our goal is to create a school community that allows students to feel connected to their new environment and expand their professional network.


Want to be a part of this program?


Good news! We are currently recruiting mentors and mentees!

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