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Summer Semester 2020 Resources

Attention Warriors!

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy. Between international quarantines and national unrest, this is certainly a year that nobody expected. To anybody directly or indirectly impacted by recent events, Westcliff University empathizes with you and supports you. While our campuses are still closed for the time being, our team is working diligently to support you as best we can. Both Student Services Advisors and International Student Advisors remain available virtually for any assistance. 

Please find below a list of resources that may be of assistance. Some resources are local to Los Angeles / Orange County and others are California-only, so if you are not in this region hopefully this will give you a starting point to find some similar resources in your area. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to assist you with any of your academic needs or concerns.

Current Events

Travel Restrictions

Recently, the world has been reacting to rising COVID-19 rates by restricting international travel. For this reason, and in line with the State Department’s Global Level 4 Health Advisory, Westcliff University recommends that students refrain from all non-essential travel. For students that must travel, especially internationally, it is imperative to keep up with the fluid travel restrictions that countries all over the world have been implementing. One such resource put together by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a summary of executive orders restricting travel into the U.S. from certain countries. 

Recent Executive Order on Visa Restrictions 

On June 22nd the White House released a proclamation that will restrict the entry of foreign nationals under certain visa types. We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news about visas, but we don’t want you to be worried or confused. Looking for a simple explanation of how the latest executive order affects international students and your future as a Westcliff Warrior?  We have one just for you. 

How to Contact Westcliff University for Support

Student Affairs

To contact an advisor directly please email or call 888-491-8686 and enter any of the extensions provided in the Contact Information for Student Support document. The document also includes additional contact information by department.

Inquiries Regarding Tuition Payments

Please note the Billing Department is readily available remotely! Students experiencing challenges or hardships as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic should contact billing@westcliff.edu to discuss their options. While our return to campus is still being considered, all students have access to the following means for making tuition payments and thus avoiding any disruption in their education:

  1. PayPal
  2. Money order or cashier’s check
  3. Wire payments
  4. Flywire (for international cards)

Please email Billing for details of the above options. To make a payment you can use the online payment form. 

Outside Resources

Food Resources

If you are in need of food you can refer to the following food pantries for assistance:

Each pantry’s goal is to allocate one week’s worth of groceries to those in need; provided there are supplies. Students will need to bring a valid (not expired) government-issued ID, including overseas ID as long as they are not expired and are government-issued. To search for Food Pantries in your area by state and city CLICK HERE.

Health Resources

Please keep us updated if you purchase an insurance plan by completing the digital Westcliff University Health Insurance Form

Students in need of mental health assistance should first contact their health insurance provider to request a summary of benefits and coverage. Many health insurance plans include mental health services with a pre-determined copay charge. Other resources outside of your health insurance are also listed below:

Additional mental health resources can be found in our Student Resource Booklet along with other resources.

Unemployment Resources

California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) has a list of options and resources for displaced workers specific to their specific situation (i.e. sick, quarantined, caregiving, etc.).

Standard Guidelines on Eligibility Requirements

When filing for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have earned enough wages during the base period to establish a claim, and be:

  • Totally or partially unemployed.
  • Unemployed through no fault of your own.
  • Physically able to work.
  • Available for work.
  • Ready and willing to accept work immediately.
  • Actively looking for work.

This link provides 3 options to file for benefits: Online, Phone, Mail

Unemployment Guidance for International Students

Some students may want to understand the furlough/laid off distinction in light of what is occurring to many of the students on OPT/Stem. In general, a furlough is a short term, unpaid leave of absence with a definite end date. In other words, the worker assumes that they are going back to work in the future. 

The layoff occurs when an employer informs the employee to stop all work, typically on a permanent, long term, or permanent basis. 

F1 students who face this issue should definitely check with their state unemployment office whether they are eligible for unemployment insurance. The receipt of unemployment insurance should not affect their immigration status, now or in the future, as this is not considered a “means-tested” benefit. We all pay into a special fund through our taxes and that is how unemployment is funded.

This link provides clarity to some common questions on whether one is eligible for unemployment benefits.

Please do reach out if you should have any questions or concerns. 


The Student Affairs Team