Honorary Doctorate Graduation

On September 29, 2016, Westcliff University, in collaboration with the Glorious China Association, held an honorary DBA ceremony in Hong Kong. In attendance were Dr. Anthony Lee, CEO and Dr. David McKinney, Provost. All the graduates are very successful entrepreneurs, as well as respected philanthropists. For example, one graduate personally donated 100,000 jackets last year to the Syrian refugees.

The graduates include: Dr. Henry Kei Shing Ngai – Managing Director of ABC Tissue Products Pty, Limited; Dr. Tin Ming Ma – President of BKT Group Limited; Dr. Ching Sanna Luk – Managing Director of Wonderful Sky Financial Group; Dr. Dandan Ren – Chainman of Luxeland Group; Dr. Tin Chung Ma – Vice President of BKT Group Limited; Dr. Amen Kwai Ping Lee  OAM, JP – Managing Director of Transways Logistics International;and Dr. Lai Wah Ma – Chairman of Lu Shan Kunlun Taoist Institute.

Congratulations to our 2016 graduates!