Academic Advising

Concentration Selection

MBA students are asked to select their concentration after they begin their program. A comprehensive list of concentrations can be found here. The Dean of the College of Business is available on an appointment basis to discuss the best concentration for your career path.

Academic Success

Westcliff University requires our students to maintain a minimum GPA to ensure academic excellence. Graduate students are required to maintain a 3.0 or above, while our Bachelor level students are asked to keep a 2.0 or above. A breakdown of grades to grade points is shown below. Additional information on academic policies can be found in our Academic Handbook.

PercentageGradeGrade PointDescription
93% – 100%A4.00Superior
90% – 92%A-3.67Excellent
87% – 89%B+3.33Good
83% – 86%B3.00Good
80% – 82%B-2.67Good
77% – 79%C+2.33Average
73% – 76%C2.00Average
70% – 72%C-1.67Average
67% – 69%D+1.33Poor
63% – 66%D1.00Poor
60% – 62%D-0.67Poor