Westcliff University Student Life

Many of the students at Westcliff University are working adults, balancing the demands of their jobs and families with those of their studies. Westcliff University understands the commitment our students are making to further their education. This is why Westcliff University offers an affordable education and the convenience of online and hybrid courses. Westcliff University wants to be there for our students every step of the way and we encourage students to get involved by attending events and meeting with faculty and staff.


Student Events

Westcliff University Student Services strives to plan events for students to foster campus community, help students get involved and celebrate the diversity of our student body. Past events include our Thanksgiving potluck, APA Workshops, Career Days and beach yoga. We look forward to getting to know you at upcoming events!



WUSA is the Westcliff University Student Association. Here is the mission statement given by WUSA, “WUSA strives to provide a friendly community and encourages its members to take advantage of their time by providing a safe, family-oriented community for both domestic and international students. We encourage our students to explore and create memorable experiences during their time in school by welcoming all to participate in various events and social activities that we host for their enjoyment. Westcliff University students volunteer their time and efforts in order to successfully provide support and encouragement through organized social activities and events, study groups, fundraising, and scheduled gatherings to discuss community topics, life, and have a great time with others. WUSA is a community of WU’s distinguished students current and alumni whose goals are to create memorable experiences and lifelong friendships.”

If you are a Westcliff University student interested in joining WUSA, please contact wusa@westcliff.edu.


Peer Mentorship

Peer Mentorship is a student group hosted by the International Affairs Department in order to bridge the gap between new and continuing students. With the help of experience continuing students, new students are welcomed to the university and guided through their first year of school. The mentors answer student questions, assist with acclimation, and are go to individuals on campus for students that may find it difficult to open up to staff and faculty or just don’t know where to go to get their questions answered. 

If you are a Westcliff University student interested in joining Peer Mentorship, please contact peer-mentorship-program@westcliff.edu.