Westcliff University Commencement 2024, Dr. Lee, Arlene Harris, Marty Cooper

Westcliff University Graduates Largest Class and Announces Harris-Cooper Scholarship

Marty Cooper giving a speech at Westcliff University's Commencement Ceremony, 2024Westcliff University recently celebrated its Class of 2024 with a star-studded commencement ceremony at OC Great Park Championship Stadium. The event honored nearly 1,200 students, the University’s largest graduating class to date. Also featured were notable contributions from Marty Cooper, the “Father of the Cell Phone,” and Arlene Harris, the “First Lady of Wireless.” Marty Cooper, renowned for developing the first portable cellular phone, was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Technology for his groundbreaking work in mobile communications. His acceptance speech highlighted the collective effort in transforming his idea into a tool that revolutionized global collaboration.

Arlene Harris, Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan, and Marty CooperArlene Harris, celebrated for her innovations in wireless technology, delivered an inspiring keynote address encouraging graduates to leverage their skills for meaningful contributions. Her speech emphasized the importance of breaking barriers in the tech industry, particularly for women. Westcliff also announced the new Harris-Cooper Scholarship, aimed at supporting outstanding women in STEM, in honor of Cooper and Harris’ significant contributions and partnership. To learn more about Westcliff University and the Harris-Cooper Scholarship, read the full press release here.




Smiling students in graduation regalia, Westcliff University Commencement 2024