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LITE Center

Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence

This center is designed to enhance educational effectiveness through investment in innovative teaching.


this is a photo of Dr. Janette Flores, Dean for the College of Business
Jannette E. Flores, Ed.D. Dean of Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence

The LITE Center at Westcliff University is dedicated to improving educational effectiveness through innovative teaching. This center provides access to various resources, including Curriculum Champions, Professional Development, Assessment Office, and the Library and Digital Resources Center. Westcliff University aims to create a culture that promotes faculty support, research and scholarship, and enhanced curriculum design, fostering a community dedicated to professional growth, collaboration, and academic excellence.

Whether you are a faculty member seeking professional development opportunities, or a student in search of research support, the LITE Center is here to serve you.

Email Dean Flores at: jflores@westcliff.edu


The CAPRI framework was designed by Westcliff University and used for learning development to ensure that the experiences are contextualized, applied, practical, relevant, and inclusive. This framework is based upon decades of adult learning theory from established theorists, including Finks (2003), Knowles (1980), Boucauvalas (1999), and Gay (2002).

The Assessment Office at Westcliff University is committed to fostering a culture of assessment excellence and continuous improvement. Our dedicated team of assessment professionals works collaboratively with faculty, administrators, and staff to ensure that our academic and co-curricular outcomes assessment practices align with our institutional goals and educational standards. Through rigorous data collection, analysis, and interpretation, we strive to enhance student learning outcomes and promote evidence-based decision making. With a focus on assessment best practices, we provide guidance, resources, and support to facilitate meaningful and valid assessment processes across all academic programs and co-curricular activities. We are dedicated to empowering faculty and staff to engage in effective assessment practices that drive educational improvement and promote student success.

Christopher S. Bjornstad, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment
Email:  christopherbjornstad@westcliff.edu

At Westcliff University, curriculum development is the charge of the Curriculum Champions team. The team is made up of rotating subject matter experts (our faculty), curriculum and instructional designers, a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) scorer, and quality assurance personnel. The Head of Curriculum Development oversees the team, ensuring that the curriculum development process is aligned with the University’s mission and educational goals. The Curriculum Champions serve all colleges, and are responsible for developing, enhancing, and maintaining the University’s curriculum to meet the needs of our students and the ever-changing educational landscape.

The team works collaboratively with college administration and faculty members to ensure that the curriculum is rigorous, relevant, and meets the needs of the diverse student population. Additionally, the team is responsible for integrating DEI principles into the curriculum to ensure that it reflects the diverse perspectives and experiences of our students.

Jocelyn Sorensen, M.A.
Head of Curriculum Development
Email: curriculumchamps@westcliff.edu

The Professional Development Department at Westcliff University is dedicated to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and providing support for faculty members. We believe that education is both an art and a craft, and we strive to create an environment that ensures the highest quality educational experience for our students. Through various initiatives, we offer opportunities for professional growth, instructional support, and assessment of instructional delivery methods. Our department conducts non-evaluative classroom visits, providing valuable feedback and resources to enhance teaching skills. We also facilitate peer observations, promoting effective instructional practices and encouraging a culture of collaboration and reflection. Additionally, we offer online teaching support, including training for facilitating engaging online discussions. Our monthly newsletter, PD to Go, provides a wealth of resources and innovative teaching ideas, addressing both academic and personal well-being. We also offer New Faculty Orientation and monthly webinars, tailored to meet the unique professional needs of our faculty members. Professional Development Funding is available to support faculty members’ participation in specialized training, conferences, and research grants. Visit Spoke and our YouTube Channel for the latest resources and information on professional development opportunities.

Evelin Suij-Ojeda, MAEd, MATESOL, Ph.D.
Director of Professional Development
Email:  evelinsuij-ojeda@westcliff.edu

The Library & Digital Resources Center at Westcliff University is an innovative online platform that offers a wealth of digital resources to support research and learning in an academic environment. Our platform provides convenient access to a comprehensive collection of scholarly literature, academic materials, and multimedia resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. As a centralized hub, it serves as a valuable tool for students and faculty, promoting research and scholarship across various academic disciplines. Our database collection includes renowned resources such as ProQuest Central and ERIC, along with numerous other databases, housing more than 80 million scholarly journals, articles, books, and more. To access these resources, users can simply log in to their GAP accounts. On the Library’s GAP page, you’ll find resource links to Open Access Resources, Library Guides, and Research Documentation Guides, making it easier to locate relevant materials for your coursework. Many reading and video assignments are directly linked to resources within our database collection, enhancing your learning experience. For information on copyright and fair use policies, please refer to the Library & Digital Resources Center Manual.

Additionally, the Library & Digital Resources Center provides several ways to interact with our knowledgeable staff. Students and faculty can schedule Research Assistance Sessions, allowing for personalized guidance and support in navigating our resources and conducting effective research. Faculty members have the option to schedule virtual library classroom visits, where our librarians can showcase how to access the Library’s resources and demonstrate basic and advanced keyword searches, ensuring students have the necessary skills to leverage the available materials. Furthermore, both faculty and students have the opportunity to request access to the WU Student Dissertation Repository, granting them access to a collection of previous students’ dissertations on various topics, offering valuable insights and inspiration for their own academic work. The Library & Digital Resources Center is committed to providing exceptional support and resources to enhance your research and learning journey.

Jodi Crawford, MLS, M.Ed.
Library & Digital Resources Center Coordinator
Email:  library@westcliff.edu