Photo of student using computer
Westcliff University

LITE Center

Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence

This center is designed to enhance educational effectiveness through an investment in innovative teaching.

Our Mission

The Westcliff University Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence (LITE) Center aims to educate, inspire and empower faculty and students through the pursuit of innovative teaching excellence.

The center supports faculty development and enhanced curriculum design to curate a culture dedicated to professional growth, collaboration, and academic excellence.
This involves:

  • Resources for on-site and online instruction
  • Tools and insight necessary for successful classroom facilitation
  • Mastery of educational technology to enhance the student experience
  • Curriculum design guided to promote relevant and practical application
  • Provide student academic support services to increase academic success
  • Lead publication and presentation initiatives

Students benefit from the LITE Center through the:

  • Academic Resource Center
  • Writing Center
  • Student Support Services

The LITE Center supports Westcliff faculty development and curriculum design in alignment with the needs of our students to create an optimal learning experience. The LITE Center works closely with the Chief Academic Officer, Faculty Senate and Committees, Academic Leadership, and Faculty to provide guidance, training, support, and resources. Live and on-demand training sessions provide faculty with ongoing opportunities for development and professional growth. The CAPRI Model guides the curriculum and instruction to ensure that learning at Westcliff is Contextualized, Applied, Practical, Relevant, and Inclusive.