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Westcliff University
Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees

For All Full-Time, Part-Time, And Transfer Students:

Westcliff University enrolls students on a year-by-year basis for each year required to complete the program.

Degree Program Tuition

Domestic students
Bachelor Programs$450 per credit hour
Master Programs$625 per credit hour
Doctor Programs$675 per credit hour

Online students
Bachelor Programs$315 per credit hour
Master Programs$575 per credit hour
Doctor Programs$625 per credit hour

F-1 International students
Bachelor Programs$490 per credit hour
Master Programs$650 per credit hour
Doctor Programs$700 per credit hour

Certificate Program Tuition*
TESOL Certificate – Domestic students$2,600
TESOL Certificate – International Students$3,400
Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration – Domestic students$2,835
Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership – Domestic students$2,835
Graduate TESOL Certificate – Domestic Students$4,725
Graduate TESOL Certificate – International Students$5,175
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – Domestic Students$4,725
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – International Students$5,175
Graduate Certificate in Marketing – Domestic Students$6,300
Graduate Certificate in Marketing – International Students$6,900
Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership – Domestic Students$4,725
Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership – International Students$5,175
Graduate Certificate in Executive Management – Domestic Students$6,300
Graduate Certificate in Executive Management – International Students$6,900

* A student will not be officially registered for their Certificate program until tuition and fees are paid in full.

Degree Program Tuition
Application Fee (non-refundable)$30 one time
Registration Fee (non-refundable)$25 per semester
Deferred Payment Plan FeeUp to $75
Degree Diploma Gold Embossed$100
Degree Diploma Frame$150
Degree Diploma Replacement$125
Certified Official Transcript$10
Returned Check Fee$35
Late Payment Fee$35
Student ID Card$10
Student ID Card Replacement$15
Program Change Fee$450

F-1 International Students
I-20 Processing$100
I-20 Deferral Fee$100
Foreign Transcript Evaluation fee$100
Foreign Transcript Translation fee$65 per page
Course by course evaluation (detailed)$185
CPE Exam (if needed)$50

Changes In Fee Schedule:

Tuition and fee charges are subject to change at the school’s discretion.

If there are any tuition or fee increases, the changes will become effective the next semester.

The student will be notified prior to any tuition changes.

Methods Of Payments: 
Payments may be made by credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover), cash, money order, cashier’s check, or certified check. All payments can be paid in person on campus to the Westcliff University Registrar. Payments can also be made online through the Westcliff University registration website.

2019-2020 Tuition and Fees 

(Effective August 2019)

Bachelor Programs$360.00 per credit$450.00 per credit$315.00 per credit
Master Programs$625.00 per credit$650.00 per credit$575.00 per credit
Doctoral Programs$675.00 per credit$700.00 per credit$625.00 per credit
Application(non-refundable)$30.00 one timeLate Tuition(New Students)$50.00 per week
Registration (non-refundable)$25.00 per semesterLate Tuition(Continuing Students)$35.00
Deferred Payment PlanUp to $75.00Student ID Card$10.00
Degree Diploma Gold Embossed$100.00Student ID CardReplacement$15.00
Degree Diploma Frame$150.00Program Change$450.00
Degree Diploma Replacement$125.00Official Transcript$10.00 per transcript
Returned Check$35.00Expedited TranscriptRequest$25.00 additionalper transcript
I-20 Processing$100.00Foreign Transcript Evaluation$100.00
I-20 Deferral$100.00Foreign Transcript Translation$65.00 per page
Course by Course Evaluation (detailed)$185.00CPE Exam (if required)$50.00
Application and Placement Fee$250.00Security Deposit$750.00
Shared Room Occupancy$3,000.00-$3,500.00per semesterSingle Room Occupancy$4,800.00-$6,400.00per semester

Tuition rate increases, when deemed necessary by the University, become effective at the beginning of the academic year during the Fall semester. All holds and student debts owed to the University, with the exception of financial aid loans, must be cleared with the Office of Financial Aid or with the University Billing Department before an official transcript or diploma may be released.