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Westcliff University does not provide housing for students, but it does provide information that helps students with their placement and search!

The following information lists four choices, with additional information attached. Please note that the options listed are for the information and convenience of prospective or current students, and do not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favor by Westcliff University.

While Westcliff University has no responsibility to its students to find or assist them in finding housing, the following four options are known to be available to its students:


To apply for apartment housing, students must fill out the Westcliff University RexHousing Application, which can also be reached at All apartment inquiries may now be directed to REXidence Residential Services. They operate and manage apartment housing for Westcliff University students and handle all activities such as leasing, apartment placement, applications, billing, etc. Students are highly encouraged to reach out to REXidence Residential Services to begin a consistent line of communication and request more information regarding pricing, availability, and placement. Students may get on payment plans for apartment housing or pay in full in a one-time payment.


With a homestay agreement, students live with a local family, experience an American lifestyle, and have the opportunity to practice their English skills daily. Homestay arrangements allow students to expand their cultural and educational experiences, and gain exposure to American families of various racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Homestay housing arrangements are not all the same. Choices include having a private room or a shared room with another student, and eating some or all meals with the host family or taking care of all of one’s own meals. Prices vary.

Homestays require a 4-week window to process applications and find an appropriate host family. Applications requiring accommodations in less than 4-weeks time are subject to rushed application fees.

The following homestay arrangement are available:

Roommate Search

Diggz is a free roommate finder that connects students to like-minded prospective roommates with similar lifestyle attributes and preferences with the help of their proprietary algorithm. Students can find rooms for rent, roommates to fill an empty room, or partner up with someone to find a new place. They can visit Diggz at to find roommates near Irvine and Westcliff University.

Independent Apartment Search

For students who wish to look for their own apartment, they may get their search started with the attached Alternative Housing Locations.

Communal Housing

Ideal for those seeking affordable and flexible housing arrangements located in Los Angeles. Communal living offers shared rooms for men only with the convenience of a month-to-month lease, providing flexibility and affordability. Rent is $600 per month, and an application fee applies. You can get more information and inquire about the housing options by contacting

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