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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Resources

Financial Aid Resources

Here at Westcliff University, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed in his/her program of choice, and our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that this will happen. Below are some resources available to help you manage Financial Aid and loan repayment.

ION Tuition

ION Tuition has partnered with Westcliff University to provide you with education, information, and tools needed to manage your student loan repayment. They can provide assistance with applying for income-based repayment plans, and can help you understand and apply for forbearance and deferment options including:

  • Cancer Treatment Deferment
  • Economic Hardship Deferment
  • Graduate Fellowship Deferment
  • In-School Deferment
  • Military Service and Post-Active Duty Student Deferment
  • Parent PLUS Borrower Deferment
  • Rehabilitation Training Deferment
  • Unemployment Deferment
  • General Forbearance
  • AmeriCorps Forbearance
  • Mandatory Forbearance Requests for: Medical or Dental Internship/Residency, National Guard Duty, or Department of Defense Student Loan Repayment Program and Student Loan Debt Burden
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Forbearance

Additional information about forbearance and deferments can be found at

Use the link below to sign up or access your ION tuition portal:

Need help? You can contact ION tuition at 866-296-7955 or

The ION Tuition User Guide Can be found here