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Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL)

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL)

MA TESOL Program Description

MA TESOL Program produces graduates with the skills to train teaching faculty who excel in their roles as educators, creative scholars, and researchers. This program will prepare teachers for a wide variety of positions both in the US and abroad. Our students will be equipped with the specialized knowledge and field skills for teaching English to speakers of other languages. Upon graduation, they will be competent professional educators with demonstrable leadership skills.

The performance outcomes which are required for the completion of the program include: class participation, response to discussion questions, writing research papers, group assignments, case study analyses, quizzes, mid-term and final examinations (Comprehensive Learning Assessments).


Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Westcliff University wants to produce capable and knowledgeable students who manifest an understanding of work and careers and an ability to adapt quickly to the expectations of employers and the work environment. To this end we strive to realize the following set of Program Outcomes for all our graduates from the MA TESOL Program.

The master’s degree in TESOL requires both academic and personal growth of its students, contributing to their success as classroom teachers.


The following educational outcomes are those of the MA TESOL Program:

Demonstrate principles of language pedagogy and of current best practices in teaching English to speakers of other languages; relate how these principles are based on research of language acquisition and the teaching of the various skills
Show proficiency in spoken and written English at a level commensurate with the role of a language model of the anticipated English teaching context
Consider current TESOL pedagogy in the creation of effective lesson plans for diverse groups of learners in a variety of teaching contexts; evaluate materials, produce content and level appropriate lesson plans, and employ the skills required to explain the English language system
Explain current theories concerning the cognitive, affective, social, and cultural factors involved in the acquisition and use of second languages and illustrate this knowledge in effective lesson design and classroom interactions with second language learners
Identify and apply the skills necessary for effective leadership, collaboration, and communication in and out of the classroom and/or institution
Analyze, discuss and integrate ethical values and issues in learning and teaching
Select, assess, and implement technology in teaching English within a wide variety of contexts
Formulate and build upon the application of analytical and quantitative reasoning and classroom research procedures to guide, support, and solve complex issues in the TESOL field
Recognize when information and/or analysis is needed and develop skills to find, appraise, and effectively synthesize and compose needed information and content
Construct and challenge critical thinking skills through inquiry and reflection on theory, practice, and beliefs of teaching and learning

Program Requirements

  • Admissions Requirements

    The minimum academic requirements to apply to the Master Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Program are:

    An applicant with a Bachelor-level degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution can apply for entrance into Westcliff University. Undergraduate degrees obtained outside of the United States will only be accepted if they have been evaluated by a member in good standing of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or another nationally recognized credentialing service. In this case, the listed U.S. degree equivalency will be used.

  • Graduation Requirements

    The Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages degree consists of a program requirement of 36 credit hours, including 24 credits of core education courses, 9 credits of education concentration courses, 3 credits of capstone.

    All students pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages degree must complete the English 600 Practicum Course. Part of the requirements for the course requires students to complete a minimum of 45 hours of fieldwork in a TESOL classroom. Alternatively, students may complete a written thesis paper. The Dean’s signature of approval is required for satisfactory completion of the capstone course.

    Students must apply for graduation and meet all academic and financial requirements. Upon graduation and fulfillment of all graduation requirements, students will receive a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language degrees.

    Students must apply for graduation and meet all academic and financial requirements.

  • Practical Learning Experience Requirements

    Westcliff University requires all students enrolled in graduate-level degree or certificate programs in the College of Education to successfully complete a Practical Learning Experience (PLE) as a graduation requirement. Westcliff University degrees and certificates are designed to prepare students for the professional workforce, and the knowledge and skills learned throughout their program are directly applicable to the industries to which they are associated. Practical learning allows students to further refine the associated knowledge and skills through guidance, oversight, and feedback from industry experts and professionals while also building a stable network and gathering references to support their career needs. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded to them in practical learning and maximize their potential career placement or advancement upon graduation.

    The graduate PLE requirement is satisfied by completing a credit-bearing internship course that is assessed on a Credit/No Credit basis. During practical learning, students engage in empirical experiences, in addition to participating in assigned course activities. This practice reflects Westcliff’s commitment to a practical and relevant education and the value of applied, experiential learning. Students who have this experience demonstrate a more successful transition into a new career or career advancement. Students are encouraged to complete as many PLEs as their schedules will permit in pursuit of the completion of their program(s).

    Graduate practical learning opportunities exist on- and off-campus. Off-campus practical learning requires prior University approval, and F-1 students must have Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization to participate in off-campus practical learning. Students are responsible for developing and demonstrating the skills necessary to be successful in a PLE. In addition to contemporary and growing industry knowledge, students should also be prepared to demonstrate professionalism, effective communication (written, oral and digital), and integrity while engaged in practical learning. The faculty facilitating internship courses associated with Practical Learning Experience assess these qualities and provide valuable feedback regarding their development to students throughout each experience. Students may reach out to Career Services with any questions about practical learning at the graduate level.

Program Information

  • Required Courses

    Master of Arts in TESOL Program Requirements - 36 Credit Hours Total

    TSL 502 Vocabulary Instruction 3 credit hours

    TSL 507 Pronunciation Instruction 3 credit hours

    TSL 512 Writing Instruction 3 credit hours

    TSL 515 Second Language Acquisition 3 credit hours

    TSL 520 Grammar Instruction 3 credit hours

    TSL 527 Methods of Teaching ESL/EFL 3 credit hours

    TSL 532 Listening and Speaking Instruction 3 credit hours

    TSL 542 The English Language in Society 3 credit hours

    TSL 545 Reading Instruction 3 credit hours

    TSL 552 Special Topics in TESOL 3 credit hours

    TSL 590 Curriculum Design 3 credit hours

    TSL 600 Practicum 3 credit hours

  • Program Concentrations

    Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Area of Concentration

    Educational Technology - The Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages concentration in Educational Technology prepares educators and professionals to create, enhance, and innovate their classrooms and curriculum with technology for learning. Opportunities for building technology skills and confidence, evaluating current trends and tools, and designing and implementing content and assessments based on current learning theories and best practices, will build a foundation for educators and prepare them to lead and contribute in their perspective contexts.

  • Course Catalog and Student Handbook

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Scholarship Application

    As a Westcliff student, you have access to a powerful network of support from staff, faculty, alumni, and many others who take pride in investing in you. Scholarships are made possible by generous benefactors who are passionate about supporting your success.

  • Scholarship Application Deadlines
    Semester Session Scholarship Deadline Start Date End Date
    FALL Session 1 07/29/22 Start: 8/29/22 End: 10/23/22
      Session 2   Start: 10/24/22 End: 12/18/22
    SPRING Session 3 12/03/22 Start: 01/03/23 End: 02/26/23
      Session 4   Start: 02/27/23 End: 04/23/23
    SUMMER Session 5 04/01/23 Start: 05/01/23 End: 06/25/23
      Session 6   Start: 06/26/23 End: 08/20/23
Program Requirements