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College of Technology & Engineering

Westcliff University’s College of Technology & Engineering (COTE) offers undergraduate and graduate-level programs and certificates in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), computer and advanced technologies. The COTE innovative curriculum is designed and taught by highly credentialed and experienced faculty that possess relevant, pragmatic, and industry-validated knowledge. The COTE prepares graduates to become the digital architects of the globalized 21st-century economy.

College of Technology & Engineering College of Technology & Engineering


Westcliff University’s COTE offers a STEM-based curriculum with a focus on computer science, information technology, engineering, and emerging technologies. The COTE operates under the auspices of the university’s accrediting bodies, and the institution’s learning outcomes. The COTE is headed by the Dean, Dr. Tony R. Lyons.

Mission Statement

Westcliff University’s College of Technology & Engineering’s (COTE) primary mission is to prepare a future generation of college graduates by providing a robust STEM-based curriculum designed to enhance their technical acumen, thus enabling, inspiring, and empowering COTE graduates from around the world to competitively create, innovate, and sustain the 21st-century globalized economy.

Tony R. Lyons, DMIT, Dean, College of Technology & Engineering

Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Welcome to Westcliff University’s College of Technology and Engineering (COTE). We are a diverse team consisting of highly credentialed faculty and staff with impressive academic and industry experiences to provide students the academic rigor as well as real-world practical skills to lead change, innovate and succeed in an increasingly technologically influenced world.

You will find the COTE to be very student-centric and focused on supporting the needs of students to ensure that their educational experience is fulfilling, inspiring and authentic; all while motivating graduates to vigorously pursue their academic and professional goals beyond the classroom.

The past few years have highlighted the critical role that technology plays in tackling society’s most pressing issues. From dispelling disinformation and understanding data analytics to developing ethical artificial intelligence and effective defenses against cyberattacks, our curriculum is designed to prepare students to meet the demands of industry, government and education in the areas of computer science, engineering management and other STEM disciplines. We continually seek input from local, national, and international stakeholders to ensure that our curriculum is dynamic and relevant and we foster an environment of collaboration, where the exchange of ideas between students and faculty allows for opportunities to dream, create, innovate, and become the next generation of technology pioneers.  

I invite you to explore Westcliff University’s College of Technology and Engineering programs and I look forward to teaching and learning from you as part of the Westcliff family.

Tony R. Lyons, DMIT
Dean, College of Technology & Engineering