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REAL Intensive English Program

REAL Intensive English Program

Mission Statement

The REAL Pathway program’s mission is to prepare international students for their new academic environment. It provides students with a smooth transition from achieving English proficiency levels required to participate in higher education to become a successful professional.

REAL Intensive English Program – Program Description

This English as an additional language program acknowledges and celebrates the previous existence of home languages, cultures, and multilingualism while actively engaging students in their learning process. The 8 courses, lasting 8 weeks each, take students from A1 to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) (Beginner to Upper-Intermediate). Students can test into the appropriate level according to their language skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

The REAL (Reimagining English as an Additional Language) program acknowledges and celebrates the previous existence of home languages, cultures, and multilingualism. Compared to English as a Foreign or English as a Second Language (EFL/ESL), English as an Additional Language (EAL) has a broader reach as EAL learners embrace their mother tongue and culture in the classroom as a linguistic resource used to learn English. The goals of the REAL program are:

The program’s educational outcomes are:

To provide students English language instruction to gain the necessary language skills for academic purposes
To help students become more familiar with higher educational culture
To prepare students for the demands of online or on-ground university-level study in English, especially in a higher education institution

Course Information

  • Program Highlights
    • Accelerated courses to maximize time and results
    • Very affordable tuition
    • One of the very few university Intensive English programs offered fully online
    • Highly qualified instructors with more than 20 years of experience teaching EAL in over 18 different countries
    • Cutting edge methodology and resources
    • Ongoing academic and tech support
    • Development of all language skills in a communicative environment
    • Academic skills to ensure students’ learning success in higher education
    • Student-centered with a communicative approach
    • Integrated skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing combined approach)
    • Explicit and implicit instruction depending on the skills being taught and the context
    • Tailored to meet specific groups’ needs depending on demographics and language goals
    • Each level is aligned to the CEFR to meet international standards
  • Flipped Classroom Model

    The flipped classroom model allows for direct instruction to move from the classroom to the individual learning space. Consequently, classroom time is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment, where instructors guide students as they apply language notions and functions while engaging creatively in their own learning process.

    The program is divided into 4 levels. Students can test into any of the levels from the very beginner to upper-intermediate. Students who successfully complete REAL 301 will have the English proficiency required for undergraduate studies at Westcliff University. Students who successfully complete REAL 401 will have the required English proficiency to enter graduate programs at Westcliff University.

  • Admissions Requirements
    • High school diploma
    • A scanned copy of government-issued ID
    • Electronic application: http://www.westcliff.edu/apply
    • Students who apply to the program can receive conditional acceptance to degree programs
  • Admissions Procedures


    • Complete Electronic Application 
    • Application fee: $30.00 (US)
      • Payment (options available: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfers, Flywire, Bank Letters
    • Document(s):
      • Colored, scanned copies of government-issued ID
        Disclosure form (FERPA)
Course Information