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English as an Additional Language (EAL/ESL) – REAL Certificate

English as an Additional Language (EAL/ESL) – REAL Certificate

Program Description

The English as an Additional Language (EAL/ESL) – REAL Certificate is an intensive English program (IEP) that acknowledges and celebrates the previous existence of home languages, cultures, and multilingualism, while actively engaging students in the learning process. The ten courses, lasting eight weeks each, take students from A1 to B2+ level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards, from beginner to upper-intermediate level of English proficiency. Students may not need to take all courses as they can test into the appropriate level according to their language skills.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Compared to English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language (ESL), English as an Additional Language (EAL) has a broader reach, as EAL learners embrace their mother tongue and culture in the classroom as a linguistic resource used to learn English. The program learning outcomes of the REAL program are:

The program’s educational outcomes are:

Provide students English language instruction to gain the necessary language skills for academic purposes.
Help students become more familiar with higher education culture.
Prepare students for the demands of online or on-ground university-level study in English, especially in an institution of higher education.

Course Information

  • REAL Intensive English

    Westcliff University's REAL program prepares international students for success at an international university with key professional skills necessary in today’s global market. Intensive, 8-week courses take students from elementary to upper-intermediate English proficiency in all skills. Courses are communicative and student-centered with a special focus on academic language and cross-cultural communication. During their final semester in the (REAL) Intensive English, students can begin their degree program at Westcliff University.

    REAL Intensive English 

    • Save money on application fees for degree program 
    • Research practices and information literacy Skills
    • Earn an English certificate + degree credits in each level
    • Fully immersive into the US and higher-education culture
    • Professional skills and academic skills instruction to ease the transition into Westcliff University 

    Topics include academic writing, course communication, research, critical reading and comprehension, technology, cultural immersion activities and excursions, as well as personal management strategies, for example time management skills and individual learning styles.

  • Online and On-Campus Programs

    The REAL program is divided into 5 levels. Students can test into any of the levels from low beginner to upper-intermediate. The REAL program offers tutorial services and 24-hour support to advise students on their future academic and professional goals. Students who successfully complete REAL 301 will have the English proficiency required for undergraduate studies at Westcliff University. Students who successfully complete REAL 401 will have the required English proficiency to enter graduate programs at Westcliff University.

    On-Campus Program

    Travel to the United States and learn English at Westcliff University campus in Irvine, California. 

    • Live classroom with professors and classmates 
    • 14 hours of live instruction + 4 hours of lab work per week. 
    • Face-to-face interaction 
    • Use the language you learn outside the classroom 
    • Study internationally at an American university


    Online Program

    We understand it is difficult to move to another country; this is why learning online is a great option. 

    • Flexibility of remotely studying at an American university
    • Same as the intensive English program on campus
    • The flipped classroom model  is used in the online program. This allows for direct instruction to move from the classroom to the individual learning space. Consequently, classroom time is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment, where instructors guide students as they apply language notions and functions while engaging creatively in their own learning process.
  • Admission Requirements

    For acceptance into the English as an Additional Language (EAL/ESL) - REAL Certificate program, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

    • Submit official English proficiency test scores to determine level of proficiency (A1 - C2 accepted).
  • Admissions Procedures
    • Complete Electronic Application 
    • Application fee: $50.00 (US)
      • Payment (options available: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfers, Flywire, Bank Letters)
    • Document(s):
      • Colored, scanned copies of government-issued ID
      • NOT REQUIRED - Copy of English test score for example CPE, TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo.
  • Graduation Requirements

    Students’ current English proficiency levels determine their starting placement in the REAL IEP. Upon acceptance, students must complete an accepted English proficiency exam to evaluate their English proficiency level. Prospective undergraduate students who complete REAL 300/301 and prospective graduate students who complete REAL 400/401 may use their level certificates to satisfy English proficiency admission requirements at Westcliff University to pursue a desired degree program.

  • Program Requirements

    The REAL IEP has a total of four certificate levels at three credit hours per level. Each level consists of two, eight-week courses.

    90-Level Course Requirement

    REAL 98 0 credit hours
    REAL 99 0 credit hours

    100-Level Course Requirement—3 Credit Hours Total

    REAL 100 1.5 credit hours
    REAL 101 1.5 credit hours

    200-Level Course Requirement—3 Credit Hours Total

    REAL 200 1.5 credit hours
    REAL 201 1.5 credit hours

    300-Level Course Requirement—3 Credit Hours Total

    REAL 300 1.5 credit hours
    REAL 301 1.5 credit hours

    400-Level Course Requirement—3 Credit Hours Total

    REAL 400 1.5 credit hours
    REAL 401 1.5 credit hours
Course Information