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Westcliff University Volunteers Create Heartwarming Moments for Children with Disabilities

At Westcliff University, the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t just a slogan; it’s a driving force behind tangible actions. Recently, staff members had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at Unlimited Possibilities, an Orange County-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children with disabilities and their families. 

The day was filled with heartwarming moments as Westcliff volunteers engaged with the children, providing a day of crafts, play, and stimulating activities aimed at helping the children progress. From molding creations out of Play-Doh to navigating obstacle courses that challenged coordination in a safe environment, every activity was designed to promote growth and joy.

Unlimited Possibilities’ leadership emphasized the invaluable nature of these events. With the help of Westcliff volunteers, they were able to offer activities that might otherwise be out of reach, providing new and exciting experiences for the children. Beyond the fun, these events serve as vital opportunities for socialization, allowing the children to interact with new adults in a safe and familiar setting.

For the Westcliff volunteers, the experience was deeply rewarding, with many describing it as the highlight of their week. The opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these children left a lasting impact, reinforcing the importance of giving back to the community. One Westcliff volunteer, McKenzie Mora, said, “Volunteering with Unlimited Possibilities was deeply impactful. Witnessing the children’s bravery as they embraced new challenges, especially among new faces, was truly inspiring. Overall, the day was a reminder that every small step forward is a triumph worth celebrating.”

Unlimited Possibilities is not just a nonprofit; it’s a beacon of hope for families facing disabilities in Orange County. For more than 70 years, they have been providing specialized care and comprehensive support to more than 5,300 children and families each year, catering to 100-plus different types of disabilities. Their mission to challenge conventional beliefs and unlock the untapped potential within each individual resonates deeply with Westcliff’s values.

The partnership between Westcliff University and Unlimited Possibilities extends beyond one-off volunteering events. Collaborative efforts such as the Life Without Limits Golf Tournament, Special Forces Sports Day, and the UP to Us Bike Camp, demonstrate a commitment to fostering a culture of volunteerism and giving back to the community by building long-term relationships with vital nonprofit organizations in Orange County.

Looking ahead, Westcliff is excited to continue supporting Unlimited Possibilities. The upcoming Unlimited Possibilities’ Charity Golf Tournament, scheduled for Monday, April 29, at The Huntington Club in Huntington Beach, presents another opportunity to make a difference as Westcliff will be there, standing alongside to help support their mission and create positive change. If you’re interested in joining this event you can learn more here.

For more information in Unlimited Possibilities you can visit their website: uptheimpact.org.


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