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westcliff university life at westcliff student clubs bonfireWestcliff University has many Student Clubs that Westcliff Warriors can join! These clubs are designed to build a strong sense of community among Westcliff students through various hobbies and activities. By joining a club, you are not only investing your time in a new experience but also in friendships that will last a lifetime! Please see a list below of our current clubs and how to join them! Cannot wait to see you at a club event.

Current clubs offered at Westcliff University:

  • Yoga Club: Yoga Club Society: where tranquility meets community. Your campus oasis for well-being. Our club is dedicated to fostering a healthier campus community through the practice of yoga. From beginner-friendly sessions to advanced classes, we provide a space for everyone to explore the benefits of mindful movement and meditation.
  • Trail Warriors: Strap on your running shoes or hiking boots because we’re hitting the trails! From the rugged terrains to scenic paths of Southern California, we’re exploring it all. Your fitness journey is about to become a series of epic adventures that will leave you breathless – in the best way possible!
  • Doctoral Scholars Community (DSC): This organization/club is designed to serve as a platform for DBA students, fostering connections and establishing rapport among peers. Additionally, it actively engages in group discussions to represent the Westcliff University Doctoral Scholars Community group, addressing crucial announcements and relevant topics through collaborative dialogue.
  • Student Acclimation Resources and Community Building: We are a university student club committed to fostering a vibrant community enriched by diverse cultures. Our primary goal is to provide valuable resources that support and guide fellow students in navigating and adjusting to the challenges of a new academic and cultural environment. With a focus on building connections and creating a welcoming atmosphere, we strive to make the university experience more enjoyable and inclusive for everyone involved.
  • Delta Mu Delta | Honors Club

Coming Soon in 2024:

  • Westcliff Coders Club: Dedicated to researching and educating students about recent technological developments, providing comprehensive insight into the various concentrations within the university’s Computer Science programs. Our primary goal is to enhance the coding skills of members and bridge the gap between classroom activities and industry best practices.
  • Leadership & Public Speaking Club: We are  dedicated to developing leadership and public speaking skills. Join us as we embark on a journey of personal and professional growth, where your skills are honed, connections are forged, and positive impacts are made.
  • Cultural Cooking Club: We’re thrilled to introduce our Cultural Cooking Club—a tasty adventure into diverse cuisines and cooking traditions. 🌮🥟🍜 Discover flavors from around the world each month, share yummy recipes, and cook together in virtual sessions. You’re invited to be a member and share your favorite dish with us while connecting with fellow foodies! Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen beginner, this club is for you! 🌍
  • HealStrategists Society: We are a dynamic healthcare community where students from various backgrounds at Westcliff University unite. Regardless of clinical or nonclinical paths, we come together with the shared goal of embracing networking with industry professionals and exploring diverse growth opportunities. Together, let’s shape the future of healthcare through collaboration and shared knowledge.
  • Intermural Sports (Soccer & Basketball)

If you would like to become a member or hear more about any of the clubs above, please click HERE! Also, if you would like to see the upcoming club events, please follow this link to the events page: If you would like to start a club, please click this link to get started:

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