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Meet the Spring 2023 Student Ambassadors

Meet your Spring 2023 Student Ambassadors. The role of these student leaders is to be the voice to Westcliff University; helping build and strengthen the campus community. The ambassadors will represent the university at various events such as social events, outreach events, sports functions, conduct campus tours and sessions for open dialogue.

The ambassadors provide a conduit between the department faculty and staff to communicate directly with students. We encourage current and future students to connect with our ambassadors as it is one of the best ways to learn about Westcliff University and their experiences. Share your interests, suggestions, and ideas with them at so that Westcliff University can best serve your needs as life-long learners, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

this is an image of Westcliff student Amatulla Colombowala

Name: Amatulla Colombowala

Program of Study: Master of Business Administration

Country of Origin: India

Fun Fact:I like to read books about financial technology to familiarize myself with the industry and its ongoing trends, as finance also links with my major which I am pursuing.

Why Westcliff: To get the experience of multi-cultural environment and to build my career and pursue my dreams.

this is an image of Westcliff student Andy Jaszczynski

Name:Andy Jaszczynski

Program of Study: Bachelor of Business Administration

Country of Origin: Poland

Fun Fact:I have a broken nose but I don’t know how or when it happened.

Why Westcliff:I can combine my studies with playing volleyball at a professional level, as well as the location California and fulfilling my version of the American Dream.

this is an image of Westcliff student Bryant UgonnaIriele

Name: Bryant Ugonna Iriele

Program of Study: Master of Business Administration

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Fun Fact: My fun fact is I am lucky to share the same anniversary with Westcliff University.

Why Westcliff: Westcliff University has lots of opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds and the course programs were flexible allowing me to schedule my courses to fit my work schedule.

this is an image of Westcliff student Chanchai Usanapong

Name: Chanchai Usanapong

Program of Study: Master of Science in Information Technology

Country of Origin: Thailand

Fun Fact:I love extremely cold weather.

Why Westcliff:I believe that Westcliff University can help improving my education and empowering me to improve and make the world a better place.

this is an image of Westcliff student Elle May Taylor

Name: Elle-May Taylor

Program of Study: Bachelor of Business Administration

Country of Origin: England

Fun Fact: I play soccer here at Westcliff 🙂

Why Westcliff:Westcliff gives you the opportunity to meet and work with people from all over the world. Plus the location of Southern California is amazing.

this is an image of student ambassador Grace Curtom

Name: Grace Camille Curtom

Program of Study: Doctor of Business Administration

Country of Origin: Philippines

Fun Fact: I enjoy binge watching medical dramas.

Why Westcliff: The flexible schedule makes it easy for working professionals as well as its diverse student population.

this is an image of Westcliff student Hamza Mahmood Khan

Name: Hamza Mahmood Khan

Program of Study: Master of Business Administration

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Fun Fact:I love to make videos . I suppose my Youtube channel summarize me the best : HMK VLOGS

Why Westcliff: I choose Westcliff because of the professors and all program are flexible.

this is an image of Westcliff student Roshini Rahamathullah

Name: Roshini Rahamathullah

Program of Study: Master of Sciene in Information Technology

Country of Origin: India

Fun Fact: I choose Westcliff because of the professors and all program are flexible .

Why Westcliff:I chose Westcliff as it offered the program I wanted MSIT and also it was a top international school in Irvine!

Ambassadors rotate every semester. If you are interested in applying to becoming a student ambassador next semester, learn more about the program and how to apply:


Student Ambassadors Program

The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership program that offers Westcliff University students an opportunity to represent and promote Westcliff to prospective students, their families, and other guests. Student Ambassadors will be able to help educate visitors about the campus life, history, traditions, and achievements of the university. Ambassadors are to showcase Westcliff University in supporting the Student Affairs department, conducting campus tours, supporting outreach and recruitment events, New Student Orientation, social events, and athletic events.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Represent the university at social events and sports functions both on and off-campus
  • Conduct campus tours for new students and guests, serve as VIP handlers, participate as special event facilitators
  • Be a spokesperson to represent Westcliff University when potential students request for testimonials/referrals
  • Support recruitment at community college and high school outreach events
  • Attend regularly scheduled Student Ambassador meetings and the required trainings once per month
  • Attend New Student Orientation and support new students, staff, and faculty
  • Help welcome new students to Westcliff University
  • Participate in Westcliff University media days


Student Ambassador Eligibility Criteria


  • Must have successfully completed at least six (6) units at Westcliff University prior to applying
  • Must be enrolled in and successfully complete six (6) units per semester at WU
  • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA for Undergraduate and 3.0 GPA for Graduate at WU while in the program
  • Must be a student in good standing and not on Academic Warning, Probation, or Disciplinary Probation
  • Must commit to working a full academic year


Student Ambassador Time Commitments


  • Must work a minimum of 20 hours per semester
  • Must be available to attend all training sessions throughout the semester
  • Must commit to working a full academic year beginning Fall through Spring and Summer


Student Ambassador desired Skills/Characteristics


  • Enthusiasm to positively represent Westcliff University
  • Knowledge of Westcliff University programs and services
  • Excellent communication skills in one-on-one and group setting
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Dependable, outgoing, and enthusiastic
  • Ability to work with diverse groups
  • Possess the ability to listen, problem-solve, and react quickly



Student Ambassadors are paid a stipend at the end of each semester that they are in the program. Ambassadors will earn $250 per semester.


Instructions for Applying

Applications are open year-round. Recruitment for Student Ambassadors takes place every summer. Students must be available to commit to a full academic year beginning in the summer and through the fall and spring.  To be considered, students must submit an application.

The application process consists of the following:


  • Completed Student Ambassador application
  • Available for an interview
  • A letter of recommendation from faculty or staff member at Westcliff
  • Consideration of your availability and work plan