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Meet the Student Ambassadors

Meet your Westcliff Student Ambassadors. The role of these student leaders is to be the voice to Westcliff University; helping build and strengthen the campus community. The ambassadors will represent the university at various events such as social events, outreach events, and on and off campus events. Student Ambassadors are students at Westcliff who are passionate about bringing students into the Westcliff community by sharing their experiences in and out of the classroom. Read below to meet your Student Ambassadors:

The ambassadors provide a conduit between the department faculty and staff to communicate directly with students. We encourage current and future students to connect with our ambassadors as it is one of the best ways to learn about Westcliff University and their experiences. Share your interests, suggestions, and ideas with them at studentambassadors@westcliff.edu so that Westcliff University can best serve your needs as life-long learners, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Nafis Anjum Student Ambassador

Name: Nafis Anjum

Program of Study: MSIT

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Fun Fact:I am a graphic designer. I love to design. Also, I am a YouTuber. I used to make a travel blogs and Channel name is “Ashik & Mohona’s Vlogs”. I traveled to 6 countries and counting. In China, I worked as an International Student Advisor and official graphic designer to promote the university. Here the fun is, at Westcliff University, I am also a Student Ambassador now.

Why Westcliff: I chose Westcliff University because I am very inspired by Westcliff University’s educational environment and the cultural values ​​they emphasize. Also, this university not only educates but also empowers the students. And finally, I love the weather of Southern California.

Rizwan Merchant Student Ambassador

Name: Rizwan Merchant

Program of Study: Masters in Computer Science

Country of Origin: India

Fun Fact:I like playing Badminton also occasionally I love swimming too.

Why Westcliff: Because I got the program what I chose and the goal of the University is to create a sense of genuine community that fosters my academic achievement. Also it involves in Diversified culture by giving an equal opportunity to all the students and make me feel Inclusive.

Rasel Mahmud Jewel Student Ambassador

Name: Rasel Mahmud Jewel

Program of Study: DBA

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Fun Fact:I love to sleep on the green grass under the open sky.

Why Westcliff: I chose Westcliff because they offer STEM DBA, and I love southern California’s weather and natural beauty.

Odontuya Batbayar Student Ambassador

Name: Odontuya Batbayar

Program of Study: MBA

Country of Origin: Mongolia

Fun Fact:I love traveling, I have been to 17 countries so far and I would love to travel more.

Why Westcliff: I chose Westcliff University for its commitment to providing a personalized and inclusive education. The university offers a diverse range of programs designed to meet the evolving demands of various industries. With experienced faculty and intimate class sizes, I receive individual attention and mentorship. Additionally, Westcliff’s strategic campus location in Southern California provides me with access to a vibrant and dynamic environment that offers diverse industries, businesses, and cultural opportunities.

Smrity Chakroborty Student Ambassador

Name: Smrity Chakroborty

Program of Study: MBA (IT Management)

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Fun Fact:If I could have any superpower, it would be to speak any language so I could connect with anyone in the world.

Why Westcliff: Westcliff empower me through education, inspired me by giving challenges through various voluntary works and engage workshop. The course content is very convenience with the current scenario and it has diversified cultural environment.

Abhinav Gandikota Student Ambassador

Name: Abhinav Gandikota

Program of Study: MSEM

Country of Origin: India

Fun Fact:I am always up for a challenge.

Why Westcliff: The Flexible schedule it provides while also the challenging assignments.

Syeda Mahum Fatima Zaidi Student Ambassador

Name: Syeda Mahum Fatima Zaidi

Program of Study: MBA

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Fun Fact:I appear calm and composed externally, yet harbor a concealed appetite for adrenaline-fueled excitement.

Why Westcliff: Westcliff offers my sought-after MBA in Healthcare Administration program, alongside a dynamic blend of students from diverse backgrounds, which promises both personal and professional growth.

Name: Adiba Anam Achol

Program of Study: Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Fun Fact:I am a talkative person, I love to make friends. I love to travel and explore new things, and most importantly, I am a foodie and shopping freak.

Why Westcliff: You may interact and collaborate with people who come from anywhere in the globe here at Westcliff. To create a profession, explore an international atmosphere, and achieve my goals.

We are ecstatic to serve you as Student Ambassadors at Westcliff Universirty. Feel free to contact us at wustudentlife@westcliff.edu or meet us at the next Westcliff University event. You are always welcome to follow us on social media at: