westcliff warriors womens soccer prepare fall 2023

Westcliff Warriors Gear Up for an Exciting Fall 2023

The approaching fall 2023 athletics season holds great promise for the Westcliff Warriors as they prepare to dive into eight different, exhilarating sports. Fresh off  triumphant 2022 and spring 2023 seasons, the Warriors are eager to step right back into competition, driven by the prospect of another remarkable year.

Women’s Soccer Ready to Defend: The commencement of the 2023 season finds the Westcliff women’s soccer team in the role of defending Cal Pac Tournament champions. Stepping into this season with renewed enthusiasm is Head Coach Jack Gidney, ready to guide the team once more following their successful campaign in the previous year. He shares his optimism, stating, “We feel really good. We added a lot of intrinsically motivated individuals. A lot of leaders from other programs. Everything feels like it has more intent. We are happy with our start.” The Warriors approach this season from a fresh vantage point, bracing for shifts in perspective and heightened expectations compared to previous years. This shift is notably prominent, given the spotlight on the defending champions.

westcliff warriors mens soccer gear up fall 2023Men’s Soccer Faster and Further: The men’s team last season demonstrated their championship capability by advancing to the Cal Pac semifinals last year, securing an overall record of 11-6-2 with a commendable conference record of 9-2-1. This season the Warriors look to take this season even further and make it even more successful with not only the finals but a championship in their sights. With the team keeping intact many of the same players as last year’s successful run, the season ahead looks promising as they continue to grow in strength and skill.

In the preseason, the Warriors have managed an undefeated record scoring 24 goals and conceding only 3. Westcliff Athletics made history in the process, for the first time defeating a Division 1 opponent, University of California San Diego. Westcliff men’s soccer has begun to receive votes to be included in the National Rankings of the NAIA Men’s Soccer Coaches Poll, which could put the Warriors men’s soccer in the top 30 in the nation, a testament to their prowess this year. This 2-1 victory marks an incredible start to the season, which officially begins September 7.

westcliff warriors womens volleyball excel fall 2023Volleyball Thrills: The women’s volleyball team displayed their tenacity and skill by reaching the finals of the Cal Pac Tournament. Their stellar overall record of 21-8 and an impressive conference record of 17-3 underscore their determination to excel on the court. With the Warriors creating so many exciting games last year this is a season you will not want to miss.

Dominance in the Water: The men’s water polo team emerged as the undisputed champions of the NAIA Finals. Their hard-fought victory was a testament to their dedication and skill, leading to an overall record of 20-15. This season they are determined to successfully defend and extend this championship reign and keep Warrior’s water polo on top.

westcliff warriors cheerleading excellence fall 2023Cheerleading Excellence: The cheerleading squad triumphed at the 2023 National Cheer Association (NCA) and National Dance Alliance (NDA) Collegiate Cheer, and Dance National Championships, setting the stage for their continued success at the upcoming Fall NCA camp. The program received many accolades including honoring four members as All Americans. This high-flying sport full of some of the most dedicated and passionate fans sets the stage for an electric atmosphere every time the Warrior’s hit the mat in this incredibly athletic and technical sport. Coach Eric Anderson had this to stay on the Warrior’s future outlook, “We had a lot of talent on the team last year and this year we recruited even more.”

Sand and Sun: The men’s beach volleyball team clinched the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Fall Collegiate Beach Men’s National Championship, rounding off the season with an impressive 14-2 overall record and an undefeated conference record of 7-0. The team will see a familiar face take over the head coach role as Fernando Sabla transitions into this position.

Sabla was most recently the assistant coach for the women’s beach volleyball team, and understands the importance of hardwork on and off the field. He had this to say, “With both academics and athletics, when you put in the work, you get the results.” The Warrior’s look to replicate this success in the sand again and keep their perfect record, as well as championship ring securely in hand in this quintessentially California sport.

westcliff warriors cross country team fall 2023Running Towards Glory: The cross country team is ready to hit the ground running once again, commencing their season at the Vanguard Invitational in September. Their dedication promises a strong impact in their upcoming races.

Esports Pursuit: The Esports team, narrowly missing out on national qualification last year, is determined to leave a lasting mark this season, aiming for both national recognition and notable performances in the postseason.

With the fall season on the horizon, stay tuned for more updates. The Westcliff Warriors are set to embark on a season brimming with potential and excitement, across various fields of play.

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