Gulbakhor Julia Abdullozoda. Ph.D.

headshot of Gulbakhor Abdullozoda

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Psychology, Public Governance and Leadership, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU), Russia, 2001
MPhil, Russian Language and Literature, Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan, 1994
BPh, Russian Language and Literature, Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan, 1990


Leadership Psychology
Organizational Leadership
Russian Language and Literature
Leadership Strategy
Public Leadership: Public Servants Behavior
Organizational Development
Management and Leadership

Dr. Julia Sherm  a Doctor of psychology in  Public Governance and Leadership degree, a Master of Russian Language and Literature degree, a Bachelor of Russian Language and Literature degree.

Dr. Julia Sherm a credible and respectable Professor with proven expertise in conveying knowledge to learning groups and individuals; responsible for delivering an accurate and up-to-date lecture of the subject concentration; accountable for maintaining high student morale and motivating students at all times; excellent interpersonal skills; uncommon communication skills both in oral and in writing. 

Multilingual: Russian –native, Uzbek – native, English fluent, Persian- communicative.

Prof. Julia Sherm has served as an full-time faculty member at the National University of Uzbekistan.  

Prof. Julia Sherm has taught classes in Government, Corporates, Non- Profit Organizations, Courts, and anyone needed help with Right Decision Making; Public Administration, and Social Change at Government Organizations