Determine Best Coding Bootcamp

How to Determine the Best Coding Bootcamp for Your Career

Congratulations! After days of introspection, you have finally decided to learn to code. It’s a big decision, but you can immediately see your job prospects expanding with this decision. It is an exciting time for you and your career. However, a new question arises: how will you choose the best of the best coding bootcamps?

Coding Bootcamps can be an intensive and quick method to break into a profitable tech career, with graduates earning an average of 34% more in their first job after bootcamp. However, to be successful, one must select a Bootcamp that suits their schedule and budget, complements their learning style, and assists them in landing a stellar career.

There are more than 65 Coding Bootcamps in the U.S. alone, each boasting different tuition models, language specialties, and teaching styles. So, before ceremoniously quitting a job, one must consider these five things to get into the best of the best coding bootcamps.

Flexible Scheduling Arrangements

Before enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp, one of the first things to consider is whether it offers flexible arrangements, especially for working individuals or career changers.

Full-time coding bootcamps entail quitting your work and putting your life on pause for three to six months as you immerse yourself in the world of programming. Many students discover that going all-in is the most effective approach to focus and gain the skills required for a career shift. If you have a hectic schedule, part-time bootcamps that last six to twelve months allow you to fit the curriculum around your other obligations. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who need to work full-time to make ends meet.

A part-time bootcamp may be right for you if you desire more flexibility and cannot commit to a full-time bootcamp. These programs can be fully online and allow you to keep up with your current obligations while furthering your career with a complete coding bootcamp.

The best method to ensure that you land a great job after graduation is to commit as much time and energy to your study as possible, regardless of your schedule.

Competitive Curriculum

Suppose you want to change careers and go into coding, as most individuals who look at bootcamps do. In that case, you should focus on programming fundamentals before worrying about which languages a coding bootcamp curriculum includes. In the curriculum, make sure to look for frontend and backend technologies.

Because technology evolves quickly, a good coding bootcamp will teach you the fundamentals to learn new languages as your career progresses. Moreover, when it comes to getting a job, your mastery of the software development process is more significant than your knowledge of a certain language.

Look for a coding bootcamp that will teach you how to optimize frontend and backend performance to provide a better user experience for both humans and search engines. In addition, seek a coding bootcamp that allows you to collaborate in groups with versioning and staging. Westcliff’s Full Stack Coding Bootcamp offers both of these features with a small class environment, independent projects, and three group projects where you work on a real-world project for a real client.

Coding Bootcamp Competitive CurriculumThe majority of coding bootcamps will also require their students to complete a term of job preparation. They may assist with everything from resumes and portfolios to technical interview practice and networking events. Furthermore, students frequently receive the opportunity to meet with companies that are hiring entry-level engineers. This feature is something to look for in a coding bootcamp. While Westcliff does not require students to complete a term of job preparation in order to graduate, they do make a comprehensive Career Services team available to all students. This team helps you create your resumes, portfolios, and even guides you through your job hunt. Once you complete Westcliff’s bootcamp, you’ll have a job-ready portfolio of work to make finding that first job significantly easier.

It is also a good idea to look for a curriculum that offers the stack in demand in your region. Westcliff offers the MERN stack, one of the most popular and in-demand stacks across the globe. Conduct your research on what skills are in demand in your city. To maximize your chances of landing a job, you want to learn the most in-demand skills and expertise in your area. This process could begin with a basic job search or schedule an informational interview with a local engineer. Learn a stack that is in demand, so you do not end up learning a language that no one wants to hire you for, especially if it is your first programming language.

A Conducive Learning Environment

When you learn with other students, either online or in-person, you get the most out of a bootcamp, according to some of the most successful bootcamp graduates.

Some people prefer to interact with teachers and other students in a traditional classroom setting, where they can have face-to-face interactions and ask questions. Many coding bootcamp grads find peer support to be extremely beneficial in completing an intensive bootcamp program.

While in-person, bootcamps guarantee that you will be in an immersive classroom. However, online coding bootcamps are growing in popularity due to their convenience. Online coding bootcamps are great if you want to avoid a commute, do not live near an in-person bootcamp, or balance your course load with family and other obligations. Online projects, live or recorded videos, and one-on-one mentoring are common learning methods for remote coding bootcamp students.

Job Outcomes

Career teams at good coding bootcamps prepare you for the job market. According to one survey, 89% of coding bootcamp students receive resume help, and 61% have job placement services.

Ask yourself: Is the bootcamp simply there to teach you how to code or will it also help you find a job after you complete the program? You want to make sure the program you attend offers adequate services for helping you find a job after completing their program.

A comprehensive career services team available to you after completing a coding bootcamp can provide you peace of mind that a coding bootcamp’s goals align with your own. With the help of an experienced career services team, you ensure your resume and portfolio will stand out in today’s competitive employment environment. Oftentimes, they can also help you prepare for interviews and even hunt for jobs.


Like colleges and universities, coding bootcamps get expected to be open and honest about their job statistics. There have been a few coding bootcamp mishaps in the last year, so it is important to look for a coding bootcamp with third parties to vouch for the validity of a coding bootcamp.

To avoid falling for scams, here are some tips to steer clear of opportunists:

  • Be wary of job placement claims that seem too good to be true. Exaggerated placement rates of more than 90% are likely to be based on cherry-picked data.
  • Do not rely simply on the bootcamp operator’s promotional materials. To analyze your selections, look for impartial information such as alumni references, services offered, and the quality and qualifications of instructors.
  • Check if the schools you are thinking about have a license in the state where they operate. These bootcamps must get licensed in the state where they operate. However, many bootcamps have recently gotten investigated for operating without a license. So, you want to ensure you are learning from an accredited bootcamp before investing the time, effort, and money into the program.

The Westcliff Coding Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamp Full Stack CoursesThe Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp at Westcliff University is a multidisciplinary certificate program that prepares students for professions in the expanding and dynamic industry.

The program focuses on generating dynamic and engaging experiences through a rigorous full-stack coding curriculum. Students who complete this program will master cutting-edge coding tools and languages, as web development builds the essential skills in front-end and back-end programming and get equipped for professional success.

The Westcliff Coding Bootcamp offers the following Front-end Courses:

  • HTML 5 & CSS 3

Moreover, the Westcliff Coding Bootcamp offers the following Back-End Courses:

  • RESTful API


Coding bootcamps are worth it, they can be a fast and rigorous method to get into a profitable tech profession.

These months-long training programs are becoming more prevalent; over 110 schools you can choose from in the United States and Canada. They also cost around $13,000 on average, so it is crucial to do your homework before deciding on a program and making the practical, financial, and emotional commitment to pursue it. Westcliff University offers its full-stack coding bootcamp for just $10,500 giving you more economic value.

Going to coding bootcamp is a significant time and financial investment, but once you choose the best of the best bootcamps that meets all of your requirements, you will be well on your way to acquiring all of the skills you will need to snag a well-paying tech career you enjoy.

Consider enrolling in the Westcliff Full Stack Coding Bootcamp, the best Coding Bootcamp out there. Aside from extensive coding training, Westcliff strives to provide a welcoming environment that encourages individualized learning while promoting collaboration at the same time. Whether you are presently enrolled in the university or not, enroll in the Westcliff Full Stack Coding Bootcamp to see and feel the Westcliff difference for yourself.