Best Coding Bootcamp to Get a Job and Build a Strong Career

Coding bootcamps are intensive, brief courses aimed at improving participants’ abilities in web development, software design, mobile app development, IT security, and data science. They usually draw technology professionals who want to improve their current skills and career changers who wish to learn new coding expertise.

Coming across this article might not be by chance. Chances are, you are already looking into coding bootcamps, but have one question in mind: Are coding bootcamps worth it?

Allow this article to answer your question and direct you to the Best Coding Bootcamp there is.

The Advantages of Completing a Coding Bootcamp

Universities are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for employees with technical backgrounds, despite students’ increasing interest in pursuing Computer Science degrees.

Coding bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to bridge the gap for non-CS grads. They provide an alternative way to learn, with less time commitment, lower costs, and many benefits, including individualized mentorship and job placement after graduation.

Coding bootcamps can be a less expensive option to a four-year undergraduate program, with a typical cost of $13,500 in 2020. As a result, a coding bootcamp’s low price makes it an appealing choice for people interested in pursuing a career in programming. Westcliff University’s Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp is only $10,500 USD.

Although nothing will replace a college education, there are a few reasons why finishing a coding bootcamp is an appealing alternative:

Several Job Opportunities

Coding bootcamps get frequently affiliated with firms that are concerned about a technical talent shortage. These opportunities resulted in an evolving curriculum taught at bootcamps. This evolution keeps the information up-to-date and in-demand, according to the needs of employers.

Coding Bootcamp Job OpportunitiesMost coding bootcamps require their students to go through a period of employment preparation. They help with anything from writing resumes and portfolios to practicing technical interviews and attending networking events. Moreover, students frequently receive the opportunity to meet with organizations looking to hire entry-level developers. When you choose Westcliff University’s Coding Bootcamp, you have access to an entire department dedicated to career services.

Employers may be confident that they will be recruiting ready, knowledgeable individuals because of the hands-on training and guidance with real projects that prepare students to answer “What can you do?” and demonstrate it.

Competitive Salary

Full-stack software engineers make an average of $86,000 per year as entry-level employees. Earnings increase as you advance in your career, with more senior full-stack engineers earning over $139,000 per year on average.

Furthermore, you will notice an almost instant return on your Coding bootcamp tuition investment. With the first job following graduation, coding bootcamp graduates see a median income rise of $22,000. This rise means that you may be able to recoup your tuition costs with your first programming job.

Wide Professional Network

It might be difficult to make connections when you are just getting started in a new industry, and it normally takes years to build a network naturally. Moreso, it is difficult to develop the deep, long-lasting personal and professional ties that will allow you to create a career even as you make contacts.

When you attend a bootcamp, on the other hand, you are surrounded by like-minded, motivated people who can help you now and in the future — and whom you can support as well. At Westcliff University, you will be supported by an entire team of professional professors and TA’s throughout your entire journey to employment.

Ultimately, enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp lets you build valuable relationships, networks, referrals, and references critical for future success.

Learn In-Demand Skills in Less Time

Learning on your own takes an unusual amount of time and self-discipline, and while many people believe they can do it, it quickly becomes frustrating. It takes a surprising amount of effort to stay motivated.

Coding bootcamps provide you with access to a network of teachers, experienced developers, and peers who can help you overcome obstacles faster than you could on your own.

Furthermore, working near someone who can peruse your work and tell you that the problem in the code you have been working on for the past n hours is a missing semicolon can save you hours of your life.

Career Mobility and Stability

No job is recession-proof. But, as human lives become more reliant on technology, working in that industry becomes increasingly valuable. During economic downturns, technical talents are frequently in demand.

You can work from anywhere as a software developer as long as you have access to the internet. Working from home allows you to work while traveling or with a company in a different city, state, or country.

The Westcliff Full Stack Coding Bootcamp

Westcliff University’s Full Stack Coding Bootcamp is a multifaceted certificate program that provides students with a road to careers in the burgeoning and exciting field of web development.

Through a rigorous full-stack coding curriculum, the program focuses on developing dynamic and engaging experiences. Students who complete this program will learn the necessary competence in front-end and back-end development and prepare for professional success.

Front-End Courses

The Westcliff Coding Bootcamp offers the following Front-end Courses:

  • Most software development businesses use Git as the de facto standard for distributed source version control and collaboration systems. Moreover, the most popular web-based distributed version control and source code management hosting service that uses Git is GitHub. These technologies are critical to your success in today’s work environment, as well as to securing, protecting, archiving, and managing your source code.

    Coding Bootcamp Front-End Courses

  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Westcliff will utilize HTML and CSS to create a current, professional website as part of the web developer bootcamp. You will understand responsive strategies critical for designing websites in the modern, “multi-device” age to stay ahead of current trends and equip yourself with future-proof knowledge.

  • The web’s behavior language is JavaScript. Westcliff will show you how to utilize JavaScript to create full-featured web applications that you can use daily. You will also discover industry standards, best practices, and advanced approaches that will help you progress.


  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is the most crucial topic to grasp in modern programming languages. OOP is one of the most often asked questions in coding interviews due to its importance. As a professional programmer, you must understand and be able to apply these notions to your implementations.

  • When it comes to organizations and developers creating online applications, React is the JavaScript library of choice. It is simple, intuitive, and pleasant to use. Learning React will help you hit the ground running as a web developer, whether you are working on major commercial applications or modest personal projects.

    Back-End Courses

    Moreover, the Westcliff Coding Bootcamp offers the following Back-End Courses:

    • NODEJS
    • NodeJS is a widely-used programming language for creating servers and a variety of other applications. It builds strong, dynamic, and performant back-end solutions for your apps using JavaScript and its ecosystem.

    • Express is a Node.js framework that allows developers to build and maintain reliable servers. It offers a large number of built-in features, as well as a large number of third-party add-ons that developers may utilize to improve functionality, security, and speed.

    • Design Patterns are used for tackling problems that arise frequently. It is a set of descriptions or templates for solving problems that you may use in various scenarios. Because software engineering professionals often employ design patterns, it is one of the must-ask questions during interviews and thus gets covered in the Westcliff curriculum.

    • You must determine the correct data structure and apply effective algorithms to store and process your business logic to create and implement efficient applications. Westcliff will take you through the principles of data structures and algorithms to practical applications.

    • Security is one of the most critical problems in current web applications and services. You must build your online application and services with security in mind to safeguard user data from unwanted attacks.

      You will learn and practice secure implementations using TLS, Passport, JWT, and the OWASP top 10.

    • RESTful API
    • Representational State Transfer APIs (REST) enable apps to communicate with one another. You will study RESTful API design best practices and concepts so you can create and deploy industry-standard APIs for your online services.

    • Westcliff will show you how to use MongoDB, one of the most popular NoSQL databases today, to learn the foundations of data storage, management, and database setup. Prepare to use JavaScript for querying to deliver data to your applications and bring them to life.

    • When it comes to creating web content, a lot may go wrong; implementing tests for your code allows you to identify and fix problems before users see them. You will learn how to use the Test Driven Development methodology, as well as popular test suites like Jest to guide your development process and build problem-solving code.

    Consider enrolling in the best Coding Bootcamp out there: The Westcliff Full Stack Coding Bootcamp. Aside from comprehensive coding courses, Westcliff seeks to provide an inclusive environment that promotes individualized learning without sacrificing collaboration. Whether currently enrolled in the university, but especially if not, see and feel the Westcliff difference for yourself; enroll at the Westcliff Full Stack Coding Bootcamp.