Anthony Clayton, M.B.A.

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D.M., Organizational Development, University of Phoenix – Santa Maria, 2022 Expected
M.B.A., Global Business Management, University of Phoenix – San Diego, 2013
B.S., Management, University of Phoenix – San Diego, 2011
A.S., Social and Behavioral Science, Palomar College – Poway, 2009
Advanced First Term Avionic Technology, USN – Millington, 1990

Business Management and Administration
Business Ethics
Business IMC [Marketing / Advertising / Sales]
Organizational Leadership
Organizational Development

Mr. Clayton has completed all his Doctoral Courses in Management with a specialty in Organizational Development and is currently completing the final stages of his Dissertation; winter 2022. Mr. Clayton currently holds a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Global Management, a Bachelor of Science in Management, Associate of Science in Social and Behavioral Science with a focus in Sociology, and an Advanced First Term Avionics Technology Certification from the United State Navy.

Prof. Clayton is currently conducting postgraduate research in Business Management and Administration with an emphasis on the impact of organizational benefit development in pursuit of his Doctorate Degree.

Prof. Clayton has served as an adjunct Business faculty member and Business Administration Instructor with several local Colleges. Prof. Clayton has taught classes in Business Administration and Management to include Management, Administration, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources, Law. Ethics, Accounting, Finance, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, IT Management, and capstone courses and projects in business management and administration. Prof. Clayton has also developed business curriculum at the undergraduate level.