Asbjorn Egir, M.Sc.

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Assistant Professor

Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Cal Poly Pomona, 2022
M.Sc., in Organizational Psychology and Leadership, BI Norwegian Business School, 2006
B.A., Market Communication, BI Norwegian Business School, 2003

Organizational Development
Change Management
Business Process Management
Strategy and Implementation
Technology Implementations
Project Management

Asbjorn Egir, holds a MSc in Organizational Psychology and Leadership, and a Bachelor in
Market Communication from BI Norwegian Business School from Oslo, Norway. He will finish
his doctorate in Spring 2022.
He has been a management consultant for over 15 years, and he has consulted for various
industries as well as for government, with focus on change management, organizational
development, strategy, technology implementations, and business process management, and
worked in the UK, US, and Norway.