Bindu Tiwari, D.B.A., Ph.D, M.B.A

Bindu Tiwari



Doctor in Business Administration-Business Intelligence and data analytics (March, 2024-Present), Westcliff University, Irvine, California
PhD- Marketing strategy and consumer behavior (2017-2021), Gautam Buddha University, Uttar Pradesh, India
MBA-Marketing and consumer behavior (2013-2016), Presidency College for Management Sciences, Bharatpur, Nepal


Human Resource Management
Teaching theory and principles of management, human resources, marketing, etc.
Administrative role
Training and development

Experienced academic and administrator with a Ph.D. in Consumer Behavior. Skilled in program
leadership, human resource management, training and development and customer service coordination
within school, campus and hospitality setup in hybrid mode. Committed to enhancing customer
experience through continuous improvement initiatives.