Egypt Grandison, D.B.A.

this is an image of Westcliff faculty member, Egypt Grandison


D.B.A., Doctor in Business, Specialization in Human Resource Management, Walden University
M.A., Master’s in Accounting, Walden University
M.B.A., Master’s in Business Administration, University of Phoenix
B.S., Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Virginia College
A.A., Associate Degree in Management, Virginia College
Grad Certificate in Human Resource Management – Walden University
Certificate in Leadership , Walden University
Certificate in Auditing, Walden University
Certificate in Adult Education, Walden University
Certificate in Online Teacher Adult Education, Walden University
Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace, University of South Florida

Human Resources

Dr. Grandison holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree, specializing in Human Resource Management, a Master’s Business Administration degree, a Master’s in Accounting degree, a Bachelor of Science in Business degree, an Associate of Science in Management degree, and several certificates. Dr. Grandison has co-authored a published paper in the area of Social Sciences and co-authored a book “The Good, The Bad, and The Doctoral Degree”. Dr. Grandison has served as an adjunct faculty member, Assistant Professor of Business, and Program Director. Dr. Grandison has taught Business (Foundations and Communication), Accounting I, and II, Managerial Accounting, Government Accounting, Strategic HR Management, Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Training and Development, and Social Sustainability just to name a few. Dr. Grandison has also helped create and develop the business department curriculum at the undergraduate level.