Elnaz Khatmi, M.S.C.

this is an image of Westcliff faculty member, Elnaz Khatmi


Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science, Information and Communication Engineering, Ongoing
M.S.C, Computer Engineering, Near East University, 2018
B.S., Computer Engineering, Near East University, Cyprus,

Computer Science
Information Technology
Swarm Intelligence
Web Development

Elnaz Khatmi is a Ph.D. Candidate in Information and Communication Engineering at the University of ‎‎Klagenfurt, Austria; she received an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Cyprus International University ‎in 2018 and a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Near East in ‎‎2015. ‎

Her research interests include Swarm Intelligence-based ‎Algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithms, Deep ‎Reinforcement Learning, and web development. ‎

Elnaz Khatmi has conducted Ph.D. research in swarms of cyber-physical systems (CPS)s in industrial plants ‎‎to ‎improve the complexity of swarms with the inspiration of nature algorithms. ‎

She has published papers in the areas of Swarm Intelligence to control autonomous agents and self-‎‎‎Organizations. ‎

Elnaz Khatmi has served as an Industry project member and researcher. she has taught Computer Science ‎and ‎Information Systems classes. ‎