James Bayliff, Ph.D.

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M.L.A., History, Harvard University
M.A., Master of Arts in Diplomacy, Norwich University
Ph.D., Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Capella University
M.B.A., International Business, Western International University
M.A., Project Management, Western Carolina University
M.S., Industrial and Organizational Psychology, University of Phoenix
B.S., Business Management, University of Phoenix
A.A., Criminal Justice, Central Piedmont Community College     

Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Political Science
Project Management

Dr. Bayliff served in the United States Marine Corps infantry and as an instructor on Paris Island. He also served in the U.S Army infantry, as a senior drill sergeant, and the master instructor of the instructor training school. 

Dr Bayliff worked as a senior executive and operations director for several of the nation’s largest mortgage banks. First developing metropolitan areas to multimillion-dollar-a-month production, then regions. Once development of these markets was complete, he was promoted to operations director for the eastern seaboard. 

Dr. Bayliff also has experienced in all modalities. He has attended Harvard on campus, Norwich in a limited residency modality, Western international in a synchronous modality, and the University of Phoenix and Western Carolina University asynchronous online. In the last fourteen years he has served as a Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Dean of General Studies, and College Chair of Business.