Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan



Doctor of Business Administration in Business Administration with specialization of Engineering & Technology Management,
Northcentral University – San Diego, 2023
M.S. Information Technology with Specialization in Cybersecurity, American Intercontinental University – Hoffman Estates,  2007 Bachelor of Science in Justice Administration, University of Alabama at Birmingham,  2003


Project Management

Dr. Joseph Morgan holds a Doctorate of Business Administration specializing in Engineering and Tech Management, a Master’s degree in Information Technology specializing in Cybersecurity, and a Bachelor of Science in Justice Administration. Dr. Joseph Morgan has conducted postgraduate research on improving IT security awareness with end users. Additionally, he wrote his dissertation on how big tech companies should take more responsibility for educating end users about their products and services. Dr. Joseph has served as an adjunct professor for ITT Tech in Huntsville, Alabama, where he taught networking classes. Dr. Joseph has served as an adjunct professor at Trenholm College and was on staff as a network engineer and director of the IT internship program. Additionally, Dr. Joseph has served as an adjunct professor at Platt College in Anaheim, CA, before taking an Adjunct Professor at Westcliff University.