Jumelle Brooks, D.H.A.

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D.H.A, Policy and Advocacy, Capella University, 2016
M.B.A, Business, Webster University, 2005
B.S, Business/Healthcare Management, Lander University, 2003

Healthcare Management
Policy and Procedures
Organizational Leadership

Dr. Brooks holds a Doctor of Healthcare Administration with Policy and Advocacy emphasis, a
Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with
Healthcare Management emphasis.
Dr. Brooks conducted postgraduate research on the importance of improving the health literacy
skill set during adolescence for long-term health benefits.
Dr. Brooks has served as an adjunct faculty member, Learning Management Administrator,
Program Chair, Academic Dean, Director of Education, and Director of Academic Affairs. Dr.
Brooks has taught Information Technology, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Assisting,
Business Administration, and Organizational Management classes. Dr. Brooks has developed a
curriculum in Business, Healthcare, and Information Technology at the undergraduate level.