Kambiz Moghaddam, Ed.D.

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Assistant Professor

Ed.D., Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management, Pepperdine University, 2005
M.B.A., Strategic Management & Planning, Management Science, International Business, California Polytechnic University, 2000
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Northrop Aeronautical Institute, 1986

Corporate Strategic Management & Planning
Operations Research

Dr. Kambiz (Kami) Moghaddam is the lecturer and adjunct professor of the graduate school of business and management. He specializes in the field of global corporate strategic management, corporate strategic planning, corporate scorecard, corporate performance architecture, and applied management science (a.k.a. operations research) in conjunction with the field of operations management, systems dynamics, managerial decision models, project and advanced program management. As the second generation Peter Drucker’s professor of management studies, and as an industry practitioner coupled with academic regimen, he has been able to develop “effective” methods that cultivates, aligns, and embeds corporates’ mission, strategy, and execution to achieve results.

Dr. Moghaddam’s teaching methodologies has helped his graduate students to learn various complex and advanced topics of the leadership and management field in much simplified and conceptual learning experience. Additionally, his interdisciplinary knowledge from theory to practice has helped his graduate students to clearly understand the concepts and applications of the complex management problems. Dr. Moghaddam’s teaching approach has bridged the gap between the theory and the real world from observation to applications.