Mira Malupa, Ed.D.

Mira Malupa

Assistant Professor


Ed.D., TESOL Education, Alliant International University, Outstanding Doctor of Education Student Awardee; Dean’s (Ed.D.) Scholarship, I-Merit Scholarship, 2011 
M.Ed., TESOL Education, Alliant International University, Outstanding Master of Arts in Education Student Awardee, 2005.
BS, Chemistry, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, 1998


TESOL Teacher Education
Teaching Methods
Assessment Second Language Acquisition
Linguistics for TESOL Educators
Grammar Pedagogy
Curriculum Development 
Technology for Language Teaching and Learning (i.e., CALL)

Dr. Malupa holds a Doctor of Education-TESOL concentration degree, a Master of Education in TESOL degree, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (minor in Physics) degree. She also holds a Graduate TESOL Certificate and the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. She has taught in the Philippines and South Korea. 

Prof. Malupa has conducted postgraduate research in the evolving roles of technology and teachers in language teaching and learning, and authored papers in the areas of TESOL teacher training, online instruction, grammar pedagogy, and teacher development as well as facilitated workshops on these topics in major TESOL conferences. 

Prof. Malupa has served as an adjunct faculty member, Assistant Professor, Professor, Dissertation Committee Member, Training Supervisor, and Advisory Board member (for TESOL Teacher Training Certificate courses). Prof. Malupa has taught classes in language teaching methods and second language acquisition at the certificate/undergraduate/graduate levels. She has also taught grammar pedagogy, assessment methods, curriculum development, listening and speaking, pronunciation, technology in language teaching and learning (CALL and MALL (mobile-assisted language learning)), and linguistics for language teachers.  

Prof. Malupa has also developed TESOL courses at graduate and professional development levels. Prof. Malupa also served as a member of the Professional Development Professional Committee at TESOL International Organization.