Omar Haddad, D.B.A.

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Assistant Professor


D.B.A., Information Systems, Argosy University, 2018
Certified Enterprise Architect, Carnegie Mellon University, 2009
M.S. Software Engineering, University of Michigan, 2008
B.S. Software Engineering, University of Michigan, 2005
B.S. International and Automotive Marketing, Wayne State University, 2001


Business Intelligence
Business Operations
Big Data
Data Analytics
E-business Technologies
Health Informatics
Informatics for Managers
Information Systems
Information Technology
LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, & Instagram Analytics
Social Media Marketing
Technical & IT Project Management
Technological Innovation

Dr. Haddad holds Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with Information
Systems focus, Bachelor and Master Degrees in Software Engineering, Bachelor
Degree in Business Administration with International and Automotive Marketing
focus. Dr. Haddad is also a certified Enterprise Architect.

Dr. Haddad has conducted postgraduate research to create a model that
qualifies graduate students to work on IT projects. The research focused on top
skills needed in a candidate student from a professor’s and IT professional’s
perspectives. Dr. Haddad has the research paper published in the International
Journal of Business Marketing and Management (IJBMM) in Feb 2019.
Dr. Haddad has been selected to serve as a mentor in the SMART program to
help students gain practical experience through real-life projects. Areas of focus
include marketing research, market analysis, promotional strategies, and
analytics. SMART is a program where real-life experience matters.
Dr. Haddad has also been involved in establishing new programs in the College
of Technology and Engineering in areas such as Computer Science, Engineering
Management, IT, Data Analytics, and Data Science.
Dr. Haddad has been selected to be part of professional societies and leadership
development programs including but not limited to US Air Force Civilian
Leadership Development Program, Boeing Leadership Program, Delta Mu Delta
Honor Society, and the Golden Key National Honor Society.
Dr. Haddad has held many positions and roles in the Aerospace industry
including Business Analysis, IT & Technical Project Management, Systems and
Enterprise Architecture, Systems Integration, Software Testing, leading the Flight
Software team, and solution architect roles. Dr. Haddad has been leading
projects and programs ranging from $1 million to $2.4 Billion in budget. Dr.
Haddad has also started a consulting business helping businesses grow their
online presence through e-commerce, e-business, social media marketing, and
business intelligence.
Dr. Haddad has served as a dissertation chair, methodologist and is an assistant
professor teaching Master and Doctorate level classes in the College of Business
and College of Technology and Engineering with focus on Business Intelligence,
Information Systems, Information Technology, IT project Management, digital
media, e-business, Informatics for Managers, and health informatics. Dr. Haddad
has also served as the Program Chair for the Bachelor of Science in Information
Technology (BSIT). Dr. Haddad is one of the leading and key stakeholders
developing STEM programs ranging from university technology capabilities to
program content and accreditation.