Rabab Atwi, M.A.

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Ph.D. (Candidate), Chapman University, 2020 until current
M.A., Masters of English Language and Education, 2015
B.A, English Language and Literature, Beirut Arab University, 2003

Mrs. Atwi is a Ph.D. candidate at Chapman University. In 2003 Professor Atwi earned her B.A. in English Language. In 2006, she earned her Single Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, Long Beach. In 2015, she earned her Master’s Degree in English Language and Education.From 2006 until 2015, Professor Atwi worked as an administrator and English language teacher at two international schools in the UAE. Her responsibilities included planning individualized lesson plans, conducting class visits to evaluate teacher performance, leading professional development training sessions for teachers, and proctoring students during international assessments such as TIMSS, IGCSE, and PISA. Professor Atwi is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Chapman University, where she is specializing in cultural and curricular studies. Since 2020, Mrs. Atwi has served as a graduate research assistant at Chapman University, and for the past two years she has assisted multiple faculty members in writing journal articles that covered various topics, including COVID-19 and sustainability, the role of leadership in establishing peace, and the crucial role that parental involvement plays in education.