Ramandeep Singh, M.A.

this is an image of Westcliff faculty member, Ramandeep Singh


Post-Graduated (MTECH) in Information Technology from USICT, GGSIPU,2019
Graduated (BTECH) in Information Technology from GTBIT, GGSIPU, 2016

Microsoft tools: MS Office, MS word, PowerPoint and MS excel, business computing.
Virtual meeting and chat tools: Zoom, Adobe, WebX, MS Teams, Slack
Cloud: Azure, AWS and Openstack cloud
Operating Systems and cybersecurity: Linux and windows administration, CSYA+
Automation or configuration Management: Ansible and chef
Operations and Version Control: ITIL, ticketing or helpdesk tools, Git, Dropbox, Google sheets
Containerization: Docker and Kubernetes
Market data Analysis: Data analysis skills using machine learning(python), SQL, data visualization tools Tableau 

IT Professor, DevOps and Cloud engg , Linux system admin with over 6 years of successful experience in automation, Cloud, Cyber security, System administration(Linux and Windows), Teaching, Data Analytics, and Infrastructure division. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in the infrastructure industry. Strengths in agile cloud technologies backed by exemplary expertise in routine application maintenance tasks, including troubleshooting and testing.