Schahrzade Rezvani, Ph.D.

headshot of Schahrzade Rezvani

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Organizational Leadership and Industrial Psychology

M.B.A., DeVry University

M.A., Human Resource Management, DeVry University

B.A., George Mason University

Human Resource

Organizational Leadership


Dr. Schahrzade Rezvani holds a two prong career path. A tenured international human resources professional and an academician in the higher educational realms in domestic as well as global environments. She received her undergraduate degree from George Mason University while practicing her Human Resources profession. At the encouragement of her employer, Computer Sciences Corporation, Schahrzade returned to her school in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Human Resources and an MBA. She was then recruited by Sinopec of China to introduce western standards of Human Resources practices to the multibillion dollar industry in China.

Upon return from China, Schahrzade’s zest for education continued her path through completion of her Doctoral program in Organizational Leadership and Industrial Psychology. In her personal life, Dr. Rezvani has contributed to a multitude of philanthropic endeavors and has served as president chief executives of several not-for-profit charitable organizations. Dr. Rezvani is an honored daughter, dedicated sister, proud mother, and a doting grandmother.