Tracy Foote, M.B.A.

headshot of tracy foote

Assistant Professor


M.B.A., Business Administration, Webster University, 1995

B.A., Political Science, San Diego State University, 1986

A.S., Law & Business Management, Miramar College, 1992 





Public Relations

Conflict Resolution


Organizational Behavior and Management 

Talent Acquisition and Performance Management

Cross-Cultural Management Business Change and Implementation

Leadership Management for Organizations Service Learning 

Professor Foote is currently in the dissertation portion of her doctoral degree where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management. She also holds a MBA in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and an Associates of Science degree in Law and Business Management. 

Professor Foote has conducted post-graduate work in experiential learning for improving the practical tools and resources in the college classroom and augmenting the readiness and relevancy of college graduates in their respective professional fields. Her successes and experiences to date have also included designing and facilitating her own courses with various universities to include experiential learning by collaborating with external businesses and community leaders for the purposes of students assisting and taking part in various projects and assignments for these business community partners and achieving relevant work knowledge and learning how to apply practical tools with the theories being studied in their courses. 

Professor Foote has served as an adjunct faculty member, Associate Professor, Professor, Program Manager and College Campus Chair. Professor Foote has taught classes in Business to include Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Public Relations, Conflict Management & Resolution, Cross-Cultural Management, Communications, Business Change & Implementation, Service Learning, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management & Organizational Behavior, Management for Organizations, Closing the Innovation Gap, Leadership, Consumer Behavior and Customer Relations, Organizational Design, Project Management, Critical Thinking, and Negotiation, Power & Politics. Professor Foote has also had the opportunity to be a curriculum designer for many of her courses and that of other courses both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Professor Foote has also been an entrepreneur for 18+ years having started and operated many businesses from multi-unit franchises, LLCS, S-corporations, and small sole proprietor companies.