Shawn Harris

Image of Shawn Harris, Associate Dean of Athletics

Associate Dean of Athletics


Ph.D., Leadership: Sports Management and Administration, Concordia University,
Chicago, 2021
MCAA: Coaching and Athletic Administration, Concordia University, Irvine, 2017
B.S: Management, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, 2016


As the Dean of Athletics, Shawn oversees our 23 teams and department of coaches,
staff and administrators. His vision of building greatness has helped our programs and
the Athletics department grow exponentially in such a short time. He has a passion for
giving a voice to the voiceless, serving others, and helping to produce leaders.
Shawn is a decorated military veteran of the United States Marine Corps for eight years,
Shawn understands the importance of strong leadership, discipline, and the motto of
“Leave no man behind,” where he has demonstrated this countless times as a coach
and Dean of Athletics.
Shawn has an entrepreneurial mindset and has a strong business acumen. Before
coming to Westcliff, Shawn was a distinguished retail executive for over two decades
with the top fortune 500 companies in various locations throughout Southern California.
Shawn also established the Triangle and Two Foundation, a Leadership Academy
whose mission is to provide resources to stimulate education, leadership, and social
growth through sports development.
In 2017, Shawn started Intrusive Sports Agency, he is a certified agent of the Women’s
National Basketball Association, and among his many other ventures, he also launched
an entertainment production company, Between The Lines. Shawn is currently a Prince
Hall Freemasonry and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity member. He also teaches
concurrently as an adjunct professor at Concordia University, Irvine for the MCAA/
MSCE program, and he exemplifies to our student-athletes what it means for a Dean of
Athletics to truly be academically focused.