Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

Program Description

The Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate program is designed to advance the professional careers of technologists and computer scientists in the field of computer systems and information technology security. The certificate program is presented in a detailed and innovative approach that examines a variety of computer systems security topics, including cybersecurity essentials and network security; communications security techniques such as cryptography, computer forensics, threats and detection; information security management, and a proactive approach to designing cybersecurity for emerging technologies. Security policies on privacy and legal issues are also presented. Upon completion, graduates can design and implement cybersecurity measures and strategies across several sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, research and development, education, banking and finance, and international business. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore common cyber threats and attacks.
  2. Describe how social engineering attacks take place and how to mitigate them.
  3. Identify common threats to physical and logical security.
  4. Explore and utilize common information-gathering tools and techniques.
  5. Evaluate appropriate technologies and tools to assess, protect against, and resolve security issues.

Course Requirements (19 credit hours)

CYB 600 Cyber Controls, Threats, and Vulnerabilities 3 credit hours
CYB 601 Software and Systems Security 3 credit hours
CYB 602 Cyber Operations and Monitoring 3 credit hours
CYB 603 Digital Forensics and Incident Response 3 credit hours
CYB 604 Compliance and Assessment 3 credit hours
INT 601 Graduate Internship 1 credit hour