Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology

Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology

Program Description

The Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology (IT) provides students the opportunity to learn aspects of Information Technology as they apply to the modern application of IT that utilizes data management, cloud technology, networking and security, and business intelligence for the attainment of organizational goals. Graduates from the IT certificate program will have a strong foundation in IT systems that will enable them to design, maintain, and continuously improve the efficacy of information systems that are aligned with strategic initiatives, and for the purpose of knowledge creation and the sustainability of competitive advantage.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Create strategic plans that implement information technology requirements and specifications of complex technology systems.
  2. Evaluate computer systems and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating value computing methodologies.
  3. Analyze, design, develop, and maintain information technology infrastructure to allow for the implementation of strategic initiatives that incorporate emerging technologies.
  4. Analyze and construct database management systems to meet the needs of business and technology decision-makers.

Course Requirements (19 credit hours)

BSIT 315 Information Technology 3 credit hours
BSIT 348 Cloud Computing 3 credit hours
BSIT 350 Database Design and Management Systems 3 credit hours
BSIT 365 Computer Networking Concepts, Administration and Security 3 credit hours
BSIT 370 Business Intelligence Tools and Technologies 3 credit hours
BSIT 380 Big Data Analytics 3 credit hours
INT 310 Undergraduate Internship 1 credit hour