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PD to Go Newsletter

The Lite Center Professional Development (PD to GO) is a newsletter, published by the LITE CENTER Professional Development Department, which provides professional development (PD) information of interest to Westcliff University faculty members.

Every month, the PD department shares with WU, AI and WSCL faculty practical bite-sized PD resources and opportunities to help them grow as an instructor, while navigating the fascinating world of teaching in higher education. The PD to GO newsletter also offers original downloadable resources to keep at hand while planning engaging sessions.

This monthly newsletter also reflects on the professional development initiatives carried out that month, with additional resources and courses for professional development. It also provides faculty with announcements concerning the PD initiatives of the following month, research articles and downloadable materials to be used in the classroom.

PD to Go Newsletters 2023

Topic Date and Link to Newsletter
Coaching Students to Achieve Academic Success January 2023
Developing Critical Thinking Skills February 2023
Potential Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom March 2023
Contextualizing teaching and learning in CAPRI April 2023
Enhancing Students Online Engagement on GAP May 2023
Applied Learning in CAPRI June 2023
Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Education Innovation July 2023
Practical Learning in CAPRI August 2023
AI for Research and Scholarly September 2023
Navigating Current and Future Industry Demands with Relevant Learning October 2023
AI and Assessment November 2023

PD to Go Newsletters 2022

Topic Date and Link to Newsletter
Importance of feedback as a means of boosting students’ academic growth, engagement, ownership and progress January 2022
Importance of academic integrity in higher education February 2022
Cooperative Learning, its paramount importance, endless potential uses and benefits in the university classrooms. March 2022
The endless teaching and learning possibilities discussion questions provide in online/hybrid education. April 2022
Socio-Emotional Learning in the Classroom (SEL) May 2022
Differentiated Instruction and Inclusion in higher education June 2022
Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning in Higher Education July 2022
Innovation and Best Practices in Higher Education. August 2022
Checking for Understanding (CFU) as a KEY step in any teaching and learning journey. September 2022
Maximizing student talk time in order to promote active learning at all times October 2022
Rubrics and their potential as learning and teaching tools November 2022
Teaching empathy and resilience in the university classroom December 2022

PD to Go Newsletters 2021

Topic Date and Link to Newsletter
Introduction to the newsletter January 2021
Ideas and engaging activities/tasks to carry out in the first day of class February 2021
Reflective teaching and its numerous benefits to instructors and students. March 2021
Culturally Responsive Teaching April 2021
Enhancing collaboration in the classroom May 2021
Gamification of learning June 2021
Humanizing the Classroom in Higher Education July 2021
Best Practices in Higher Education August 2021
Exploring best practices in higher education after COVID-19 September 2021
Learning Across the Life Span October 2021
Technology and its powerful potential to enhance learning November 2021
Reflection as a powerful tool for professional development December 2021