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The Vital Role of Westcliff University’s Doctoral Scholars Community

At Westcliff University, where academic excellence is paramount, the emergence of the Doctoral Scholars Community (DSC) stands as a beacon of support and camaraderie for those embarking on the challenging journey of doctoral studies. Comprising both current and former doctoral students, this community represents a treasure trove of knowledge and solidarity, offering invaluable resources to those striving for the pinnacle of educational achievement.

westcliff university doctoral scholars communityDr. Diana Siganoff, associate dean of Westcliff’s esteemed College of Business and advisor to the DSC, expressed her elation at the establishment of this remarkable club. Reflecting on her own doctoral experience, she aptly remarked, “Buckle up, it is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences you will have.” Dr. Siganoff emphasized the significance of leaning on fellow students for support, noting that they are uniquely positioned to understand the trials and triumphs of the doctoral journey.

Recent gatherings of DSC have provided a platform for members to exchange advice, share updates, and articulate visions for the club’s future. One alumnus returning to Westcliff reminisced about his own doctoral odyssey, underscoring the importance of community support during his academic pursuit. He now looks to offer the same support to current students, emphasizing the profound impact of mentorship on his journey.

Shambhu Siwakoti, a dedicated student of Westcliff since 2017 and leader in the creation of the DSC, recognized the imperative need for such a resource firsthand. Currently pursuing his doctorate in IT project management, Siwakoti identified the potential for enhanced collaboration between students and professors to provide consistent guidance, particularly in the daunting task of completing a dissertation. He emphasized the community’s role in facilitating the sharing of research and expertise among members, enriching their academic pursuits.

westcliff university doctoral scholars vital roleThis commitment to knowledge sharing is exemplified through events like the Mini Research Seminar on “No Poverty,” a part of the club’s Sustainable Development Goal Series. By exploring strategies to address poverty and promote economic inclusion, such seminars epitomize the DSC’s dedication to scholarly engagement and societal impact.

Dr. William Lightfoot, dean of the College of Business at Westcliff University, also champions the mission of the Doctoral Scholars Community. Recognizing the courage of international students who pursue doctoral education at Westcliff, Dr. Lightfoot commends the community for its role in fostering relationships and providing essential support to newcomers navigating academic and personal challenges. He emphasized, “One of the most significant aspects of Westcliff that sets us apart is the community. Fostering these connections is where the real opportunities are created.”

The Doctoral Scholars Community at Westcliff University serves as a cornerstone of academic support and fellowship, empowering students to forge enduring connections, seek guidance, and thrive in their pursuit of excellence. As students embark on their doctoral journeys, they can take solace in the knowledge that they are not alone but part of a vibrant community dedicated to their success.